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1. SNEAKERS  (NIKE AIR MAX 1 MOIRE, BUY HERE ): I love sneakers.
It’s the first thing I shop for when I’m abroad playing. These are a dope variation of the classic Air Max 1, but super lightweight.

2. CAMERA IN  AIR FRANCE TRAVEL BAG (GOPRO 3+ BLACK EDITION, BUY HERE):  A great way to capture memories of my DJ sets. The large angle and simple functionality makes it easy for anyone to use it. I can just throw it to someone in the DJ booth and they’ll know how to use it.

3. USB STICK (SANDISK EXTREME 32GB, BUY HERE):  This is all I need to DJ.
I love walking in a club with just these. These SanDisk are super fast and make a big difference in the way rekordbox performs. Get those! I also recommend having a pair for safety, and attaching them together makes it easier not to loose them.


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