5elect5 Essentials Yukai Du Illustrator and Motion Designer

Yukai Du is an award winning illustrator and animator from Guangzhou, China, she is currently based in London. The Yukai Du world is filled with bold colours and animated graphic patterns.

Her style is unique and reocognizable mixing elements of both Impressionism and Brutalism. From modern urban scenes capturing the influence of technology on society to intimate relationships between people and their complex emotions to animating poetry, Yukai’s work covers a diverse range of topics but feels familiar and very empathetic. The long and impressive list of clients seem to agree – you might have seen her work in one of the following editorials, stores or campaigns for New York Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, BBC, Adobe System, WIRED, Facebook and Apple.

With a hectic schedule traveling from conferences to art shows and clients, Yukai’s selection of essentials is compact but functional – a collection of refined tools and a peek into her creative process. You can purchase her artwork as prints here .

Follow Yukai Du here:

Twitter: @Yukaidu
Instagram: @Yukai_du


5elect5 Essentials Yukai Du Illustrator and Motion Designer

1. NOTEBOOK & SKETCHBOOK (MOLESKINE, BUY HERE): Sometimes when I’m on the move, if I have ideas, I would like to write or draw them down. Carrying a notebook/sketch book with me comes very handy, I can remember all my little pieces of thoughts and dig it out later.

2. WALLET (NO BRAND): I have my money, bank cards, loyalty cards in my wallet. Basically I can’t live with it.

3. PEN (MUJI, BUY HERE): This comes with the notebook, if I need to write or draw. Especially like the Muji ones.

4. HEADPHONES (BANG & OLUFSEN, CHECK HERE): I’d like to listen to music, audio books and podcast. My fiancé got me this on one of my birthdays and I really like it.

5. LIP BALM (AROUGE, CHECK HERE): Essential for daily skin care.

6. THERMOS BOTTLE (THERMOS, CHECK HERE): I love hot drinks in winter. It’s nice to have a hot water bottle with me and keep my coffee and tea warm.


5elect5 Essentials Yukai Du Illustrator and Motion Designer


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