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1. HEADPHONES (BOSE, CHECK HERE )For years friends have been telling me about the advantages of isolating earphones on long haul travel. I was never keen due to the idea of carrying a 2nd pair of headphones along with my DJ headphones. Then these in ear isolated headphones came out by Bose, and I was sold. You can still rest your head and sleep, while blocking the outside world out. As a dj that little ear rest before and after the show, makes the world of difference.

2. PRODUCTION SECRET (UNIVERSAL AUDIO, CHECK HERE ): Universal Audio has always been an integral part of my music production, but with the ‘Satellite’ I could take all that power on the road. I can set up anywhere, any city and essential have 100% what I need to finish a mix down. So longer holidays in the sun, where is the negative in that?

3. SKIN CARE (KIEHL’S, CHECK HERE )The body clock is clicking and it’s time to think of the skin.  What ever is in this wonder cream defines laws,  it pops your skin back to that fresh out the shower look, while protecting you from the harmful sun ray’s. Continually sat next to that plane window, as well as them mid-day DJ sessions on the beach, makes it an essential travel item.

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