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1. iPHONE (APPLE, CHECK HERE): You want to see the real essential of every traveling DJ? No matter what they all tell you, without this baby we would ALL be f…..
Listening to new promos, checking your flight schedule or pick up driver or hotel address, posting what you eat and who you eat with. No iphone no life, simple as that.

2. TSHIRTS (NO BRAND): I need my t-shirt clean. Traveling on the weekend without the back-up shirt of the back-up shirt? Hell nah
Just imagine that lil’ kid next to you on the plane spills his baby food all over your t-shirt. Stuck on a bus at a Russian airport at 40 degrees with no AC. I can go on for days. That’s why I always travel with extra extra extra T´s.  And no, I don’t own Dick Owens or whats the latest hype out there in DJ land. 4 USD LA Fashion District T´s everybody and your daddy wears…

3. USB KEY (NO BRAND): Most of the time I try to work on new music I end up doing it while I travel. Without my moog synth plug-in I would be nothing, thats why I always need to bring this USB key so I can use it.
See, its not all about fashion and phones, sometimes its even about the music :*

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