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1. HAND MOISTURIZER (PALMER’S, CHECK HERE ): I always have to stay moisturised and so I always make sure to carry hand lotion and lip balm with me. I really hate the feeling of having dry hands. It’s something that me and my best friend Emily have in common, and we’re both obsessed with hand lotion. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is really good at keeping your skin hydrated and it smells amazing too – I never go for the “fragrance free” version! 

2. PHONE + PHONE CASE (TOTORO, READ HERE): I got this Totoro phone case during my trip to Australia earlier this year. I’d wanted it for ages and then I spotted it in a phone case shop in the Chinatown area of Sydney. The case triples the size of my phone and I can’t really fit it into my pockets anymore but the cuteness is worth it 🙂 Also, it’s turning out to be a good conversation starter cause people are always a bit “WTF?!” when I pull my phone out.

3. WALLET (COMME DES GARCONS, CHECK HERE): This is my favourite wallet that I’ve owned so far. It’s a gold leather Comme Des Garcons wallet, which I treated myself to on my birthday last year. I love gold things.

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