FILE 130 // TAHL

5elect5 Essentials Tahl DJ Producer

Los Angeles-born DJ, producer and saxophone player Tahl shares his essentials and source of inspiration. It includes cooking tips, music making tips and cats.

After promoting and shaping the underground music scene in Los Angeles, Tahl recently moved to Berlin to focus on his own artist career. He co-founded Power Play, an off-location event series and collective, to create a new type of platform for his and his’ friends music. Tahl is a multi-talent, also known as döner disciple, cat daddy, lil acid reflux, mr medium talk and banger slinger. Witness the magic as a saxophone viber in his recent appearance at Hör Berlin in the video below.

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5elect5 Essentials Tahl DJ Producer

1. CAT: This is my boy Nina. He’s an absolute fiend for a good cuddle. Along with his brother Yung Theo (too stressed on photo day to get snapped), we made the move together to Berlin. When I’m at the computer making music, Nina will not sit anywhere in the apartment but my lap. We’re cute like that.

2. HEART BURN MEDS: I’m a bit fanatical when it comes to food but have the unfortunate disposition of nearly anything tasty upsetting my stomach in one way or another.  Luckily with the help of modern science I take a couple of these and off I go eating into oblivion. As I’m seemingly quite vocal about my gastrointestinal system people often come to me seeking advice on this front. I’m here for you.

3. PIPE AND GRINDER: The pipe is my preferred vessel for marijuana consumption. I’m on a long standing crusade to convince Berliners to stop murkying up their weed with tobacco (seriously, stop it). Nabbed this killer grinder at the Dong Xuan Centre in Lichtenberg.  I wouldn’t be the first musician to tell you they find weed to be inspiring. Some DJs/Producers swear by “The Car Test” – I’m all about “The Weed Test.” This is especially true when doing DJ playlist prep. If a jam gets me movin’ when I’m stoned, then on the playlist it remains!

4. LAO GAN MA SPICY CHILLI CRISP:  An absolute life necessity. I feel obliged to liberally slather nearly every dish I eat (appropriate or not) in this magical condiment. The founder of this legendary Guizhou based saucery is Tao Huabi – who has been called “China’s Spiciest Godmother.” And God bless her.

5. MICROPHONE (SHURE, CHECK HERE): Ah yes, the Shure SM58 Microphone. A classic. I often hum, scream, or “sing” maniacally into this thing, drench the audio recording in FX (like all great singers), and sample myself for quick melodic content or ideas. One handy trick for people like myself with little-to-no keyboard playing ability – sing & record a melody then use Ableton’s “Convert Melody To MIDI” function to get your idea across and subsequently playable on any MIDI instrument.

6. SAXOPHONE: My Unison Custom Alto Saxophone. After many years of Jazz Sax study, and about an 8 year hiatus, I’ve fallen back in love with saxophone playing & augmented that love with a new found passion for music production. I always wanted to use FX to make the saxophone sound much more psychotic and vibey, but never knew how. Now a ton of my time is spent trying to do my best Jon Hassell impression (to varied results).


5elect5 Essentials Tahl DJ Producer