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Kim Brown


1. WATCH (SWATCH, CHECK HERE ) : Around 12 years ago, an old friend spontaneously gave this watch to Julian at a party. He said it’d suit him well and he was probably right. We love that minimalistic early 90s graphic design. 2. RECORDER (OLYMPUS, BUY HERE ): This tiny audio recorder is the tool of our choice when it comes to field recordings or sampling sounds for our music. For years now, it has been a constant companion. Its product design always reminds us of Mickey Mouse or sometimes even a cyborg panda bear.  3. INSTRUMENT (OTOMATONE, CHECK HERE ): Otomatone might be the most poetic electronic music instrument ever built. A cute smiley face combined with the shape of a quaver and a monotone sound generator. This gadget by the ingenious japanese company Maywa Denki instantly builds up an emotional relationship to you. Though, it’s quite hard to play. Facebook  Soundcloud  Bandcamp