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1. EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE (TOSHIBA): Very important, for music sharing and backup. Everything safe with Mr Schwarzenegger taking care of it. 2. AMULET (NO BRAND): Black obsidian crystal and silver chain to speak only with the truth and repel bad vibes. 3. VAPORIZER (STORZ BICKEL, BUY HERE): Simply the best gadget i’ve ever bought. 4. MASCHINE MK2 (NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, BUY HERE): Just the perfect tool to get your ideas donde quicklyly, and beautiful designed :).  5. SUN GLASSES (SHWOOD, CHECK HERE): These are my favourite sunglasses ever, the wood finish gives them a nice tropical feel. 6. Vaporizer (PAX 1, CHECK HERE): Great and compact size for those times i need to clear my head while out of the house. It keeps me sane in the concrete jungle. Facebook  Soundcloud  Twitter  Website


1. VAPORIZER (eGO ONE, CHECK HERE ): I have to stop smoking cigarettes … But I love them too much! I carry this vape pen around everywhere knowing that one day soon I’ll ditch the sticks. 2. WIG ( NO BRAND ): A wig is like a hat with an attitude. I like to wear this pink “bobbed” one backwards (Elvira Hancock vibes). I can cast a mean glamour when I wear this wig on stage …but after a long night out Im always struggling cause it ends up looking all twisted and nappy hanging off my head ( rock n roll ). 3. ADULT TOY (TENGA EGG, CHECK HERE ): Someone thought I needed this for some reason. I’m  told it was like a flesh jack or something like that. I haven’t tried it yet but I keep it in my carry on bag. I’ll def bust it out when I’m back touring, lonely & horny. Facebook    Soundcloud    Instagram    Twitter   Website 


1. GLASSES (ic! BERLIN, BUY HERE): Self-explanatory why i need them. I bought these after 15 years of plastic frames and they’re light enough to never leave red divots on the bridge of my nose. 2. HEADPHONES (SENNHEISERHD 25-1, BUY HERE ):  I enjoy listening to music in headphones more than any other way. The Sennheisers are the perfect balance of size, durability, and high fidelity. 3. VAPORIZER (ATMIZOO LAB, BUY HERE): Vaping became my nerdy hobby about two years ago and the Lab with a TOBH ATTY rebuildable drip atomizer is the best combination I’ve found so far. Soundcloud  Facebook  Website