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Taipei-based Malaysian DJ and producer Tzusing’s upcoming LP is already his forth on the acclaimed Brooklyn label L.I.E.S and in our opinion the most powerful in sound and message. The album title 東方不敗 translates to “Invincible East” and is based on a character in a novel by the Chinese author Jin Yong. However, unlike the emotional and dark narrative, Tzusing in person is quite an honest and witty character with a healthy perspective on life. We met him at his brother’s home during his Europe tour and had a chat about his childhood, his mentor and his efforts to influence the growing electronic music scene in Taiwan. We felt his selection of essentials describes him well: straight to the point – practical and effortlessly cool. 1. NECK GAITER (4 DIMENSION, CHECK HERE): I’m a tropical human. Not designed to be traveling to these cold ass places.  Modern weather protection addressing these problems. 2. UNDERWEAR (UNIQLO, CHECK HERE): Ain’t nobody dope as me; I’m dressed so fresh, so clean. 3. SLEEPING PILLS (ANY KIND): I have a pretty hard time sleeping as it is, really compounded when there is the stress of shows and traveling. Facebook  Soundcloud  Instagram