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Madrid-based Italian producer and DJ Regal shares his work and style essentials on the road – a collection of items that reflect the dedication and ambition for his rising music career.


Barbara Klein is a Berlin-based Polish musician, videographer and photographer. She established her career and reputation working with Techno legend Richie Hawtin and captured his his global tours in the form of tour diaries, event recaps and conceptual films. Other work includes collaboration with Soundwalk Collective (who we also covered on 5elect5), Yamaha , Spotify and now Native Instruments, one of the industry leading companies in music technology. For the early morning photoshoot, we met Barbara at her cozy apartment in the heart of Kreuzberg. Unlike her body of work that tends to speak a dark and mysterious language, she was warm and kind, offering us a cup of coffee and slices of fresh watermelon. Her essentials are a selection of items that give insight into her background, family as well as herself – revealing a strong connection to her passion turned into a profession . When she asked whether cigarettes or colourful cute socks with animals were better for the shoot, we obviously went for the socks. She then pulled out her large collection of socks for us to choose …


1. SOCKS (NO BRAND): Designated Hotel Socks. Seemingly random, yet so important. Hotel room floors are behind hotel room doors and we all know what goes down in there so no thanks, I’m not going in barefooted. It’s for protection! 2. SLIP MATS ( CHING ZENG, CHECK HERE ): Custom Slip mats. Always go with what you know best. 3. MASCHINE (NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, BUY HERE ): The homie. You can slay shows while making beats in between. Do you know that Bud Spencer movie with the kid from space that has a photon cannon that can do anything? That’s it. Like a swiss army knife from space. Facebook   Soundcloud   Twitter   Website 


1. CUSTOM-FITTED EARPLUGS (GEERS, CHECK HERE):  Your hearing is to be cherished. Don’t fuck around. 2. RACQUET BALLS  (CUT IN HALF, NO BRAND): DJing with vinyl is an uphill struggle in 2015. My beloved squash balls have been borne the weight of countless locally sourced concrete blocks, saving the day from rumble and feedback. 3. SOCKS (VARIOUS BRANDS):  Socks are important when you’re a DJ. I used to buy quite fun socks but then I mentioned to my friend Joe that nobody had ever bought me socks for Christmas. Now he and my girlfriend buy me fun socks every Christmas and I just buy ordinary socks at like Uniqlo or wherever. Soundcloud  Facebook  Twitter