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1. TRAVEL (RIMOWA – SALSA CABIN TROLLEY, CHECK HERE): I recently downsized the amount of records I was traveling with and was also looking for a carry on that wasn’t going to give me any problems with size and overhead space. So far, so good! The matte black looked the best to me, fits my record bag, and has room for extras. It’s slowly gaining character with nicks and scratches here and there, but it won’t dent like the Aluminium ones. 2. POTION (AESOP – FACIAL HYDRATING CREAM & BODY BALM, CHECK HERE): I actually feel incomplete for the day without these 2 things. I use both daily + a few other Aesop products. I didn’t wanna get carried away here. I absolutely can’t live without the stuff! And while it seems like a bit of an investment, your skin will thank you for it. Also, it smells really nice. 3. UNIFORM (BLACK 2 BUTTON POLO, VARIOUS BRANDS): Not to be cliche, but one less thing to think about when on the go is totally fine with me. Simplicity is necessary sometimes. I opted for every black 2 button polo this past spring, snagging them …


1. LUGGAGE (RIMOWA – PILOT CASE, CHECK HERE ): My trusty sidekick when I´m traveling. I bought it because it´s build like a tank and is perfect for a weekend on the road. 2. RECORD (PLACEBO – BALL OF EYES, CHECK HERE): One of the records that will never be far away from the turntable. Sampled by many, but the real thing is unbeatable. 3. SPACE ECHO PEDAL (BOSS RE-20, CHECK HERE ): My bread & butter in the studio. Lovely remake of the classic Roland space echo. Facebook   Soundcloud   Twitter