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Glenn Astro is just one pseudonym of the German producer, DJ and passionate record collector. With a background as a hip hop DJ, Astro his known for his borderless sound which incorporates elements of Jazz and Disco across a wide spectrum of electronic music from past to present. Collaborative efforts with friends and producers like Max Graef, Hodini, Ajnascent and releasing on labels such as Tartelet, Ninja Tune as well as Money $ex Records, the imprint he co-founded with Max Graef and Delfonic, have established him as one of the house-hold names in the modern house scene. ‘Delta Rain Dance‘ is his new artist and label concept-based project to delve into more contemplative, and melancholic states: a different side of Astro. We hope to also reveal a new side of Astro through his essentials – a selection of items and routines he cares about most and inspire him to create. Find out more about Glenn Astro here: SOUND CLOUD / DELTA RAIN DANCE / FACEBOOK / TWITTER   MY ESSENTIALS 1. RING (GIFT): This ring was initially a gift from my girlfriend and then turned into an engagement ring. …


Cleveland-born producer and DJ Dan Curtin is one of the key figures shaping the Midwest Techno scene. He founded the label Metamorphic to mainly give new talents an outlet for their music. While continuing to support this scene and over 70 singles and 9 albums later, Curtin follows his passion for hip hop, funk and soul releases new music under one of his his many aliases such as Purveyors of Fine Funk. His refusal to lock himself into one style as well as his ability to collaborate with artists from a variety of genres has helped him to maintain  his status as a legend. Currently based in Berlin, his essentials are a genuine selection of items that portray his roots and source of inspiration to keep going  – “When the music stops your mind and body return to the world of the sentient but you never forget your Origins.” said the press release of his “Origins” EP which was released under his alias Planetary 25 years ago. The re-mastered reissue was just released on Metamorphic. MY ESSENTIALS 1. SUNGLASSES (MYKITA, CHECK HERE): Sunglasses.  Needed when there is …


French DJ and record collector Amila is one of Berlin’s music tastemakers when it comes to all the other genres outside mainstream Techno. With Altered Soul Experiment, he was able to create a platform with multiple outlets both digitally and physically to reach his audience. The label releases only mixes on cassette tapes (like the good old days) and has an impressive roster including names such as Ge-ology, Antal or Specter – all of their mix tapes are sold out. The monthly radio show on NTS plays the finest selection of Soul, Boogie, Disco grooves and ambient Jazz by Amila himself or guest DJs. The party series in Berlin provide the space and time to bring all the fans and enthusiasts together onto one dance floor. To guarantee maximum “Altered Soul Experiment”, Amila brings his own rotary mixer and cartridges as well as recorder to the shows. The fuel to power and grow the ASE empire, Amila shared his secret essential which are, believe it or not, cookies! Apparently the French cookies are the best …


The Amsterdam-based duo of Maarten Smeets and Lars Dales – Detroit Swindle started their individual music careers  before they joint forces in 2011, to produce, DJ, play live and run Heist Recordings together. Their knowledge and passion for diverse music genres from Classic House, Jazz, African funk to Disco shaped the Detroit Swindle’s signature sound as well as the ability to put any audience on a musical journey. Their continuously developing and seemingly expanding live set up is probably one of the most impressive and elaborate with tables filled with multiple synths, drum machines, samplers, pad controllers and cables. When Maarten showed us his 7″ record collection along with the beautifully crafted vinyl weights and personal rotary knob mixer, we understood the passion and dedication that got the duo to where they are now. There is always an “easy” route in every career, but Maarten and Lars take up every challenge to grow and evolve their music – which brought them to a collaboration with the nine-piece brass brand Jungle by Night for their new album “High Life” (to be released on May 28th) to make their music more “live …


1. SOCKS (NO BRAND): Designated Hotel Socks. Seemingly random, yet so important. Hotel room floors are behind hotel room doors and we all know what goes down in there so no thanks, I’m not going in barefooted. It’s for protection! 2. SLIP MATS ( CHING ZENG, CHECK HERE ): Custom Slip mats. Always go with what you know best. 3. MASCHINE (NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, BUY HERE ): The homie. You can slay shows while making beats in between. Do you know that Bud Spencer movie with the kid from space that has a photon cannon that can do anything? That’s it. Like a swiss army knife from space. Facebook   Soundcloud   Twitter   Website 


1. HAND: My Daughter. 2. RECORD ( KIDDUS I – DUB STORE RECORDS, CHECK HERE ): My graduation in Zion. 3. MIDI MIXER (LIVID INSTRUMENTS, BUY HERE ): My physical connection to my virtual world. Facebook  Twitter  Website


1. WALLET (MIAMI DOLPHINS, CHECK HERE ): When I was just 8 years old I watched Miami Dolphins go to the Super Bowl only to lose to the Dallas Cowboys. It was a good game I really liked the Miami Dolphins. The next year they never lost a game and Won the Super Bowl. I was hooked and a Fan for life. Then the following year they won the Super Bowl again. Best memories of my life so I carry this Miami Dolphins wallet everywhere I go. 2. RECORD (EGYPT, EGYPT – FREAK BEAT RECORDS, BUY HERE ): My first solo record and the memories of making this record is a movie playing in my mind. One day I will make a movie for all the world to see. But this record not only changed my life but many others as well. For over 30 years I have had this same record in my crate and I bring it all around the world with me. 3. DRUM MACHINE (ROLAND, READ MORE HERE ): This machine is the foundation to Egyptian Lover Music. The 808 …


1. LUGGAGE (RIMOWA – PILOT CASE, CHECK HERE ): My trusty sidekick when I´m traveling. I bought it because it´s build like a tank and is perfect for a weekend on the road. 2. RECORD (PLACEBO – BALL OF EYES, CHECK HERE): One of the records that will never be far away from the turntable. Sampled by many, but the real thing is unbeatable. 3. SPACE ECHO PEDAL (BOSS RE-20, CHECK HERE ): My bread & butter in the studio. Lovely remake of the classic Roland space echo. Facebook   Soundcloud   Twitter