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Maryama Luccioni aka Maryisonacid is a multidisciplinary artist and founder of the African Acid is the Future label and collective. Find out what inspires her to support and spread the treasures of Africa’s diverse musical rhythm and sound.


The Brand “Marlon Hoffstadt” stands for a lot of things but always promises fun and quality. The Berlin-based producer, DJ and musician is continuously challenging and re-inventing himself to widen his own musical horizon and discover new opportunities. After successfully running his first label “Retrograde Records”, he launched a new beautiful imprint called “Midnight Themes” last year to share a different, more matured “Marlon Hoffstadt” sound. But this is not where he stops – the empire expands and takes physical form when he starts a new party series called “Savour The Moment” – safe place to switch off your phone and focus on the music. This way, Hoffstadt actively encourage attendees to forget their virtual life and focus on the real-time experience on the dance floor. With high-quality flyer designs and clever merchandise, he does make it seem very easy to throw parties with such a strong concept and big international line-ups in the electronic music capital of Germany. Hoffstadt’s essentials reveal a key ingredient to his success: the effort to connect – with people and with himself.  In this fast-paced digital age, he reminds us to appreciate every personal relationship found through music …


French DJ and record collector Amila is one of Berlin’s music tastemakers when it comes to all the other genres outside mainstream Techno. With Altered Soul Experiment, he was able to create a platform with multiple outlets both digitally and physically to reach his audience. The label releases only mixes on cassette tapes (like the good old days) and has an impressive roster including names such as Ge-ology, Antal or Specter – all of their mix tapes are sold out. The monthly radio show on NTS plays the finest selection of Soul, Boogie, Disco grooves and ambient Jazz by Amila himself or guest DJs. The party series in Berlin provide the space and time to bring all the fans and enthusiasts together onto one dance floor. To guarantee maximum “Altered Soul Experiment”, Amila brings his own rotary mixer and cartridges as well as recorder to the shows. The fuel to power and grow the ASE empire, Amila shared his secret essential which are, believe it or not, cookies! Apparently the French cookies are the best …


Mumbai-native Sanaya Ardeshir aka Sandunes is a music activist. As a producer, composer and musician known for her diverse blend of electronica which combines eclectic sensibilities with progressive electronic elements, she recently released a digital album on Bandcamp and a track for Red Bull 20 Before 17. As a certified Ableton trainer, she advocates accessibility and exposure around music-making by giving workshops and lectures about music production and performance. As a founding member of DASTA – an Indian artist collective, Sanaya challenges the thinking behind music making norms by hosting community platforms to connect music makers and artists. Last but not least, as a resident of the Border Movement, an initiative by the Goethe Institute, she is spending this summer in Berlin to help bridge and raise awareness for South Asian music. What keeps her going? The answer lies probably in the selection of her essentials: a perfect balance of creativity, energy and health. 1. DARK CHOCOLATE (VIVANI, BUY HERE): Perhaps very dark chocolate is an acquired taste, so let’s just say I’ve acquired it. It’s a bit of a ritual for me, one I need to engage with at least everyday, …


1. RECORDER (ZOOM H6, BUY HERE): Always love to capture the acoustic environment. I use it for recording both natural and human-caused sounds, weird and sonically extraordinary as well as other people’s talks in bars, animals’ noises or stuff that I’m planning to cut, sample or modify in my sound design work. 2. ODDLY MAGICAL BELT (CUSTOM DESIGN, NO BRAND): A simple strength increaser which also allows to push danger away. Its buckle is smooth and imperishable, changes faces according to his inner needs.  3. POWER CAP (NO BRAND): Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, avid outdoorsman or a DJ diving in your UDG bag on a late night looking for THAT record, these caps are an indispensable piece of gear. Facebook  Soundcloud  Twitter  Bandcamp

Kim Brown


1. WATCH (SWATCH, CHECK HERE ) : Around 12 years ago, an old friend spontaneously gave this watch to Julian at a party. He said it’d suit him well and he was probably right. We love that minimalistic early 90s graphic design. 2. RECORDER (OLYMPUS, BUY HERE ): This tiny audio recorder is the tool of our choice when it comes to field recordings or sampling sounds for our music. For years now, it has been a constant companion. Its product design always reminds us of Mickey Mouse or sometimes even a cyborg panda bear.  3. INSTRUMENT (OTOMATONE, CHECK HERE ): Otomatone might be the most poetic electronic music instrument ever built. A cute smiley face combined with the shape of a quaver and a monotone sound generator. This gadget by the ingenious japanese company Maywa Denki instantly builds up an emotional relationship to you. Though, it’s quite hard to play. Facebook  Soundcloud  Bandcamp