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1. SHEEP (NO BRAND) : Well here I have my sheep. It doesn’t have a name or a gender I just take the sheep where I go and rest it against things. It’s my subtle way of informing people about my new record Para. 2. RCA TO USB CABLE (ALESIS, BUY HERE ): The Alesis phono link is clutch. I’m the only person I’ve seen using it and I don’t know why. It’s cheap, it’s portable and to the point. I just plug it into my computer and then I’m free to rip sounds from synth stores, record stores, phones iPads. Anything with a headphone jack really. Sound quality isn’t dramatically compromised either but what do I know.  3. COLD & STRESS RELIEF (VICKS, BUY HERE ): I need that vapo rub to relax me after a long day of traveling and performing. I just smear that luxurious, pungent concoction all over my body. I usually go through one container a day.  Facebook  Soundcloud  Instagram  Twitter Adult Swim


1. RING (KJELD, CHECK HERE ) : This ring is a gift from someone very special to me. It is oxidised silver with a black diamond, and was made in Berlin by Kjeld and purchased at Ècole Boutique on Torstrasse. It is my good luck charm and reminds me that over everything, love is the most important thing in my life. 2. PERFUME ( PARFUMERIE GENERALE, CHECK HERE ): I was playing with Ellen Allien at Nista Club in Barcelona a few years ago, and when she arrived into the booth her perfume floored me. I couldn’t even mix tracks for a few minutes! The scent took me back to my childhood, when I was about seven or eight years old. I would to walk home from my best friend’s house in the Summertime, and on the path I would always have to stop and smell these sweet little, white flowers that hung over the wall. I can remember it like yesterday. When I wear this scent it makes me feel comforted and reminds me to stop and enjoy the moment and …


1. BLACK CLOAK (NO BRAND):  My Chinese grandma gave it to me so I can hide in the dark. 2. FIGHTING FISH: This kind of fish lives alone in calm waters of south Asia. He’s a reminder of beauty and the importance of solitude. 3. ELECTRIC GUITAR (FENDER JAGUAR, JAPANESE REISSUE 1991): We’ve been together for almost 20 years. Breaks strings but never broke my heart. Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Twitter