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Pan Daijing. It’s not only the artist’s name but also stands for a singular art form because there is no genre or label that can sum up her work. Pan’s live performances take place at galleries, museums, theaters and underground venues – the space becomes a part of the experience for her and the audience to connect. Her album Lack 惊蛰 on Berlin-based label PAN is merely a teaser into her world of extremes creating an appetite for more. Pan’s work can be violent, dissonant and dark but with delicate elements, moments of relief and silence. The high contrast of her work, however, feel almost meditative and allow the artist and the audience to become more intimate. It’s a smart technique Pan has full control over because she directs and builds her shows to every detail ranging from lighting, costumes and visuals. Born and raised in China, Pan moved to Berlin 2 years ago after receiving a sound design degree in San Francisco and starting her musical career back in China’s art and performance scene. We were able to catch her in between international tours and a trip back …


Parisian producer and DJ Francois X is one of the reasons why the French capital is having an electronic music revival. Since 2011 Dement3d, a party series he and HBT worked on together, helped defining the Techno scene by inviting guests such as Sandwell District, Planetary Assault System, Marcel Dettman, Mortiz Von Oswald and Silent Servant. With a growing following as well as a big push by friend and mentor DJ DEEP, who is known for his Deeply Rooted parties and imprint, he got into the art of producing and releasing his own music. This all sounds very organic and like an easy dream come true but Francois X had several careers before he reached this point. When he told us that he had worked as a day trader, owned a fashion label and played tennis on a professional level, we could understand why he was so humble and down-to-earth despite the big success. Calling himself a “Ninja”, he was very aware of his musical passion now turned into a full-time career as well as the industry and its evolution. Maybe his musical understanding and sensibility helped him and HBT …


Taipei-based Malaysian DJ and producer Tzusing’s upcoming LP is already his forth on the acclaimed Brooklyn label L.I.E.S and in our opinion the most powerful in sound and message. The album title 東方不敗 translates to “Invincible East” and is based on a character in a novel by the Chinese author Jin Yong. However, unlike the emotional and dark narrative, Tzusing in person is quite an honest and witty character with a healthy perspective on life. We met him at his brother’s home during his Europe tour and had a chat about his childhood, his mentor and his efforts to influence the growing electronic music scene in Taiwan. We felt his selection of essentials describes him well: straight to the point – practical and effortlessly cool. 1. NECK GAITER (4 DIMENSION, CHECK HERE): I’m a tropical human. Not designed to be traveling to these cold ass places.  Modern weather protection addressing these problems. 2. UNDERWEAR (UNIQLO, CHECK HERE): Ain’t nobody dope as me; I’m dressed so fresh, so clean. 3. SLEEPING PILLS (ANY KIND): I have a pretty hard time sleeping as it is, really compounded when there is the stress of shows and traveling. Facebook  Soundcloud  Instagram


1. TRAVEL BAG (NO BRAND): Goodie bag filled with lotions, pills, toothpastes , dont leave home without it!  2. TABLE TENNIS RACKET (BUTTERFLY, CHECK HERE): Table tennis racket, i used to be a semi pro, still looking for partners wherever i go, are you one? 3. TSHIRT (DISCO HALAL, BUY HERE): My Disco Halal shirt, gotta represent my agenda when I travel, its good for the cause.   Facebook  Soundcloud  Twitter  Label


1. MEDICINE (NUROFEN PLUS) : I suffer from chronic tendonitis and lower back pain. I go to physical therapy, acupuncture and massage to deal with it on a day to day basis. Usually I’m doing well but the relentless travel and playing a show almost every night can make it flare up pretty bad. Ibuprofen with Codeine is sold over the counter in the UK so I usually stock up on these and by mid tour they’ll be part of my diet. I have to make sure to stop as soon as tour is done so I don’t start depending on them… and yes, they go in the Carhartt bag. 2. BAG (CARHARTT, BUY HERE ): I’m the type of person to put my passport, wallet and keys along with anything else I might need in completely different places and then freak out when it comes time to use them because I panic and can’t find them. This little thing helps keep the freak outs at bay plus I’m a sucker for all this WIP gear. Been loving Carhartt in …


1. SHEEP (NO BRAND) : Well here I have my sheep. It doesn’t have a name or a gender I just take the sheep where I go and rest it against things. It’s my subtle way of informing people about my new record Para. 2. RCA TO USB CABLE (ALESIS, BUY HERE ): The Alesis phono link is clutch. I’m the only person I’ve seen using it and I don’t know why. It’s cheap, it’s portable and to the point. I just plug it into my computer and then I’m free to rip sounds from synth stores, record stores, phones iPads. Anything with a headphone jack really. Sound quality isn’t dramatically compromised either but what do I know.  3. COLD & STRESS RELIEF (VICKS, BUY HERE ): I need that vapo rub to relax me after a long day of traveling and performing. I just smear that luxurious, pungent concoction all over my body. I usually go through one container a day.  Facebook  Soundcloud  Instagram  Twitter Adult Swim


1. LACROSSE BALL (NO BRAND): This is a crucial piece of travel gear which takes up very little room – I simply stuff it in my Nike gym shoes! I roll it under my feet before and after each gig to alleviate muscle tension and also use it to relieve the serious knots in areas of my upper back and shoulders which stem from extensive hunching over a laptop or DJ booth as well as the relentless air travel. 2. SUPPLEMENTS ( MAPI – BLISSFULL SLEEP, CHECK HERE ): I’ve pretty much tried every sleep aid you can name but the one that has consistently worked for me is Blissful Sleep which I picked up on my first visit to The Raj, the Ayurveda clinic I go to nearly every year. This is an authentic Maharishi Ayurvedic product which is a natural herbal aid that promotes sleep and reduces stress with none of the side effects you’d encounter from melatonin, Sonata or Ambien. For something stronger you can also go for Deep Rest. 3. TEA (MAPI – ORGANIC VATA …


1. ENERGY SHOT (ORTHOMOL IMMUN, CHECK HERE ): A great way to wake yourself up before a show. 2. SAGE (ALL NATURAL): This protects against vampires. 3. MODULAR DISTORTION (ROLAND TORCIDO, CHECK HERE): Rock and Roll! Facebook    Soundcloud   Website 


1. iPHONE (APPLE, CHECK HERE ): Unfortunately my life is mainly organizable via my phone. It’s the only way how to keep everything together. Networking, staying updtodate, listening new music, playing games 🙂 (by Tassilo) 2. EARPHONES (BOSE, CHECK HERE): We travel heavy and to disconnect myself from noise, people, the rest of the world I use my noise cancelling headphones. I love the moment when I switch them one and everything from the outside fades away. (by Tassilo) 3. KEYS (NO BRAND, CHECK OUT RIVERSIDE STUDIOS HERE): My keys are quite a good symbol for what’s going on in my life. I feel like a facility manager sometimes. I’m partner/owner of a big studios complex in Berlin called, Riverside Studios and therefore i need all those keys. (by Tassilo) 4. HEADPHONES (NOCS, CHECK HERE): Why they are so important? Because I DJ with them but also produce music, watch movies, play games, fall asleep and and and! (by Thomas) 5. MEDICINE (NO PARTICULAR BRAND): Ibuprofen + Vitamin pills are my ‘Raver Breakfast’ after long nights and extended sets. (by Thomas) 6. UNIVERSAL POWERPLUG (NO PARTICULAR BRAND ): To keep my electronics alive 🙂 (by Thomas)