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Berlin-based Jeanne Kaiser is a singer, producer and classically-trained cellist who performs under the name Jeannel. She is known for her her dreamy, R&B-oriented pop. Her performances are versatile: playing with a full band or playing with stripped-down stage setup or doing back-up vocals – Kaiser makes sure to connect with the audience. So does her collection of essentials share the importance of relationships to her music. MY ESSENTIALS 1. YOGA (PEACEYOGA, CHECK HERE):  Peaceyoga Berlin is one of my absolute essential in-order-to-stay-sane/basic-need-place to go to. The jivamukti classes are demanding, sweaty, and lead by the best teachers I know so far. Peaceyoga is like my second home here in Berlin. I go there to keep my body and soul in tune. I love this place. 2. COMPUTER (APPLE, CHECK HERE): My whole musical identity is on that computer. Whenever I go out the house wondering if I really switched off the stove, it’s the only thing I am worried about. (Besides my plants.) 3. SHIRT (TRES RASCHE, CHECK HERE): That T-shirt just makes me feel good an powerful. Besides, the label is awesome. 4. BOOTS (DR. …


1. BLACK CLOAK (NO BRAND):  My Chinese grandma gave it to me so I can hide in the dark. 2. FIGHTING FISH: This kind of fish lives alone in calm waters of south Asia. He’s a reminder of beauty and the importance of solitude. 3. ELECTRIC GUITAR (FENDER JAGUAR, JAPANESE REISSUE 1991): We’ve been together for almost 20 years. Breaks strings but never broke my heart. Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Twitter