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1. GLASSES (NO BRAND): These sunglasses i got in Bangkok earlier this year. Bangkok is a mecca for cool shades. They are one of a kind and were super cheap as well. They’ve come in handy this summer and i wear them loads. Chances are you’ve seen photos of me with these bad boys and they’ve kind of become a part of me. 2. STICKER (MYTH MUSIC, CHECK HERE): My label partner Aaron and i have been putting these stickers all over the place. Got to represent the label logo! I’m quite happy with the design done by the talented Mr. Matt Coffee. There’s more to come soon on Myth Music! 3. SYNTHESIZER (YAMAHA TQ5, VINTAGE ): My Yamaha TQ5 Tone Generator / FM Synthesizer has definitely become a part of my sound although it is extremely limited and the parameters are pretty weak. It’s very rare yet doesn’t cost much. Everyone thinks its some sort of 90’s answering machine at first glance. Somehow it always finds its way in most of my production and I’ve grown to love it. It’s lovely when paired with …


1. NEEDLES (ORTOFON, BUY HERE): I’ll never not DJ on turntables. I got this case from my friend That Fucking Sara after I lost mine during a crazy gig in Poland. 2. EGGS (NO BRAND , BUY AT YOUR LOCAL MARKET):  I eat eggs every day. I read in a book (Harold Mcgee’s “On Food and Cooking”) that all of life is contained in an egg, hence its nutritional power and versatility. 3. GLASSES (PAUL SMITH, PEACE): I need glasses to see well. I like these Paul Smith jawns because of their funky, semi-ambiguous color and round shape. Soundcloud  Facebook  Twitter  Website


1. GLASSES (ic! BERLIN, BUY HERE): Self-explanatory why i need them. I bought these after 15 years of plastic frames and they’re light enough to never leave red divots on the bridge of my nose. 2. HEADPHONES (SENNHEISERHD 25-1, BUY HERE ):  I enjoy listening to music in headphones more than any other way. The Sennheisers are the perfect balance of size, durability, and high fidelity. 3. VAPORIZER (ATMIZOO LAB, BUY HERE): Vaping became my nerdy hobby about two years ago and the Lab with a TOBH ATTY rebuildable drip atomizer is the best combination I’ve found so far. Soundcloud  Facebook  Website