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Madrid-based Italian producer and DJ Regal shares his work and style essentials on the road – a collection of items that reflect the dedication and ambition for his rising music career.


Maryama Luccioni aka Maryisonacid is a multidisciplinary artist and founder of the African Acid is the Future label and collective. Find out what inspires her to support and spread the treasures of Africa’s diverse musical rhythm and sound.


Glenn Astro is just one pseudonym of the German producer, DJ and passionate record collector. With a background as a hip hop DJ, Astro his known for his borderless sound which incorporates elements of Jazz and Disco across a wide spectrum of electronic music from past to present. Collaborative efforts with friends and producers like Max Graef, Hodini, Ajnascent and releasing on labels such as Tartelet, Ninja Tune as well as Money $ex Records, the imprint he co-founded with Max Graef and Delfonic, have established him as one of the house-hold names in the modern house scene. ‘Delta Rain Dance‘ is his new artist and label concept-based project to delve into more contemplative, and melancholic states: a different side of Astro. We hope to also reveal a new side of Astro through his essentials – a selection of items and routines he cares about most and inspire him to create. Find out more about Glenn Astro here: SOUND CLOUD / DELTA RAIN DANCE / FACEBOOK / TWITTER   MY ESSENTIALS 1. RING (GIFT): This ring was initially a gift from my girlfriend and then turned into an engagement ring. …


Al Kassian and Hiroaki OBA are Opal Sunn. Before they started their endeavour as a hardware-only live act duo in 2015, Al and Hiroaki both had already successful solo music careers before they met in Berlin. Al released on labels suchs as Paramida’s Love On The Rocks and Utopia Records – Hiroaki was a bassist in a band in Tokyo, but went solo and joined the 2010 Red Bull Music Academy in London and released on labels like Ki Records. Their love for machines and boundless approach to music production gave birth to two Opal Sunn EPs released on their very own Planet Sundae imprint. After gaining stamps of approval from the likes of Andrew Weatherall, DJ Sprinkles, and many artists alike, this year, Opal Sunn was signed on former Ostgut Ton manager Nick Höppner’s new label Touch From A Distance. Now mainly based in Berlin, Al and Hiroaki both not only share their love for music but also their home Japan. The collection of essentials show some traditional Japanese items such as snacks and …