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1. BLACK CLOAK (NO BRAND):  My Chinese grandma gave it to me so I can hide in the dark. 2. FIGHTING FISH: This kind of fish lives alone in calm waters of south Asia. He’s a reminder of beauty and the importance of solitude. 3. ELECTRIC GUITAR (FENDER JAGUAR, JAPANESE REISSUE 1991): We’ve been together for almost 20 years. Breaks strings but never broke my heart. Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Twitter


1. CUSTOM-FITTED EARPLUGS (GEERS, CHECK HERE):  Your hearing is to be cherished. Don’t fuck around. 2. RACQUET BALLS  (CUT IN HALF, NO BRAND): DJing with vinyl is an uphill struggle in 2015. My beloved squash balls have been borne the weight of countless locally sourced concrete blocks, saving the day from rumble and feedback. 3. SOCKS (VARIOUS BRANDS):  Socks are important when you’re a DJ. I used to buy quite fun socks but then I mentioned to my friend Joe that nobody had ever bought me socks for Christmas. Now he and my girlfriend buy me fun socks every Christmas and I just buy ordinary socks at like Uniqlo or wherever. Soundcloud  Facebook  Twitter