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Johanna Knutsson is a Swedish-born crate digger, DJ, producer and label founder/owner. Although she already had a successful career as a hair stylist, she decided to quit her business and relocate to Berlin to focus on a career in music; her second passion. It is an impressive tactic to pursue a musical career by initially focusing on a different profession. Johanna is now a full-time artist touring around the world but still enjoys to cut hair on several days a month to stay connected to her other creative roots. Running two established labels “Zodiac 44” with Luca Lozano and “UFO Station Recordings” with Hans Berg, hosting the radio show “Low Power FM” with Kate Miller, and having recently released a track on the label “Midnight Shift Singapore”, her career seems to continue reaching exciting new levels. Johanna’s essentials are a beautiful collection of gifts she has received from her strongest supporters and closest friends. She draws her daily dose of inspiration and energy from these thoughtful items and is a strong believer in a network of like-minded creatives that share, …


Pyur aka Sophie Schnell is fast and fearless. Reaching out to Scuba to offer her vocals to landing a job at his label Hotflush Records and this year getting signed to the Hotflush artist roster. Her debut LP Epoch Sinus seems to be only the opening chapter to the world of Pyur. The album’s sound is so diverse and beautifully crafted that it deserves its own genre. Sophie’s sound design is deep and mystical, drawing inspiration from classical music, nature and anything she “sees” while making music. Her creative process and work is both visual and sonic and this experience is shared with her audience by releasing a video piece for each track on the album. We met Sophie at her studio / apartment in Berlin. The moment we stepped into her space, it was like entering another cosmic dimension and we understood immediately where her music was coming from. Her studio was filled with “Pyur” material such as crystals, ocean inspired decorations, candles, beautiful textiles and mysterious art work. On the contrary, Sophie also told us that she produces a lot of music for commercials and films because …


Oslo-based artist Juno Jensen aka Pieces of Juno just released the second part of her album series “Tacenda” on KOSO records. Meeting Juno with her bright blue hair had quite a big impact on us. Later on during the photoshoot, she admitted that it was a wig and told us how wearing it makes her transform to the “performing artist Juno”. The blue hair is part of the “Tacenda” project and if you have noticed the debut album“Kalopsia” is all about the artist with red hair (also part of her essentials). Juno is not only a very talented singer, producer and musician but also a music activist. As the founder of KOSO, she has a very strong opinion on the Norwegian music scene as well as a clear vision for all female creatives, producers and musicians in Norway.  KOSO started off as a creative collective with a digital magazine, and quickly turned into a party series, a label and a platform to share music knowledge and production techniques. Juno’s performances are more than just a live show; they are experiences with elements of theater and film. Her essentials seem …


If you know Richie Hawtin, you are most likely familiar with Ali Demirel’s work. As the creative director, visual architect and engineer, Ali is the man behind all the visual aspects on and around the stage for Plastikman, M-nus, Enter and other collaborations with Richie Hawtin. Together they have created identities and experiences that are not only entertaining for the audience but also applies innovative and cutting-edge technology. Ali’s stage designs and live visuals have true revolutionized the music industry. It was no surprise to us that he had a degree in nuclear engineering and architecture as his work seems to always incorporate scientific imagery and structural compositions with a clever twist that makes his work speak more “art” than simply “background visuals”. His selection of essentials might be proof that it does not need much to come up with creative concepts: ideas, positive energy and comfort. The only wall between the ideas and the breakthrough is the artist him/ herself and only patience, persistence and curiosity allows for the idea to grow. 1. PENCIL (NO …


1. INCENSE (NO BRAND): Scent essentials, forever. At home, i’m constantly burning things, so when i travel its definitely like bringing a piece of home with me, which is why i love to burn cedar and palo santo. I’m quite sensitive to “presences”, so things like palo santo help clear the space, where ever i am. I also like to make my own fragrances and hair serums, so right now I use vetiver, a tiny bit of patchouli and lavender oil mixed in with almond oil.  2. SHOES (DR. MARTENS, CHECK HERE): I have had these doc’s since high school. Since they changed the sole, they never last as long, but thats probably why they did it lol. These shoes have seen the world with me. 3. CRYSTALS (A SELECTION, NO BRAND): More metaphysical hippy vibes for that ass. It took me a while to open up to crystals and their effects but now there is no going back. Smoky Quartz, Selenite, Rhodochrosite, Labradorite and Moldavite. They are my ride or dies.  Facebook  Soundcloud  Instagram  Website


1. CRYSTAL (CHRYSOCOLLA): This crystal travels with me every where.   It’s the 1st stone that strongly resonated with me.  It has helped me keep my calm during some difficult moments and tap into the world of healing with intention.  It was a thoughtful gift from an old friend.   2. EYE DROPS (ROHTO, CHECK HERE): Killer Japanese eye drops, the silver Rohtos are a true exercise in masochism.  Most people want to tear their eyes out after a drop or 2, but as you build a tolerance, you realize that they actually revive your tired eyes in a way nothing else can.  They can also provide a great source of entertainment, watching a first timer stumble around blindly cursing the dirty trick that was just pulled on them….timeless 3. CUSTOM EAR PLUGS (EMTECH, CHECK HERE): These custom ear plugs are a must when spending any amount of time in front of a loud system.  They take some getting used to, but your ears learn to compensate for the frequencies.   It’s also nice not having to suffer from constant ringing in …


1. EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE (TOSHIBA): Very important, for music sharing and backup. Everything safe with Mr Schwarzenegger taking care of it. 2. AMULET (NO BRAND): Black obsidian crystal and silver chain to speak only with the truth and repel bad vibes. 3. VAPORIZER (STORZ BICKEL, BUY HERE): Simply the best gadget i’ve ever bought. 4. MASCHINE MK2 (NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, BUY HERE): Just the perfect tool to get your ideas donde quicklyly, and beautiful designed :).  5. SUN GLASSES (SHWOOD, CHECK HERE): These are my favourite sunglasses ever, the wood finish gives them a nice tropical feel. 6. Vaporizer (PAX 1, CHECK HERE): Great and compact size for those times i need to clear my head while out of the house. It keeps me sane in the concrete jungle. Facebook  Soundcloud  Twitter  Website


1. INCENSE STICKS (SOME JAPANESE BRAND): This is something i try to keep with me where ever i go. Because i love the smell and the relaxing side effect. I have a huge collection at home which i got from Japan, Korea and India. This on is from Kyoto ( Japan).  We once played a show where friends of mine passed them to the audience and told them to light them when we start playing. 2. GREENSTONE NECKLACE (NO BRAND): You only get a Greenstone in New Zealand and you can’t buy them for yourself. Its a tradition that you can just get one if somebody gives it to you as a present. 
So after my final year in school i worked in a small anthroposophical place with mentally disabled people. This was my present at the end of the year. I always wear it to keep the spirit. 3. RUBBER BANDS (NO BRAND): I have no idea what it is but twisting rubber bands in my hands has been something i’m really into since i was a …


1. SNEAKERS (REEBOK, BUY HERE): These are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever owned. 2. CRYSTAL (BY NATURE): This black tourmaline was given to me by a shamen in LA, it’s supposed to protect me against negative energy while traveling. I always wear it in my pocket on tour. 3. EYE MASK (NO BRAND): Robots don’t sleep, but it’s easier with less light, so this eye mask and earplugs are a must-have for me. Plus the eyemask was a present from a special person. Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Twitter