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1. MEDICINE (NUROFEN PLUS) : I suffer from chronic tendonitis and lower back pain. I go to physical therapy, acupuncture and massage to deal with it on a day to day basis. Usually I’m doing well but the relentless travel and playing a show almost every night can make it flare up pretty bad. Ibuprofen with Codeine is sold over the counter in the UK so I usually stock up on these and by mid tour they’ll be part of my diet. I have to make sure to stop as soon as tour is done so I don’t start depending on them… and yes, they go in the Carhartt bag. 2. BAG (CARHARTT, BUY HERE ): I’m the type of person to put my passport, wallet and keys along with anything else I might need in completely different places and then freak out when it comes time to use them because I panic and can’t find them. This little thing helps keep the freak outs at bay plus I’m a sucker for all this WIP gear. Been loving Carhartt in …


1. AMULET (KIRA KIRA, BUY HERE): Remedy of impatience. This amulet was especially made from Icelandic wood, Volcanic ashes and empowering crystals; it makes me feel protected when wearing it. A precious gift from a precious man. 2. FANNY BAG (NO BRAND, AMERICAN VINTAGE): As California as can be.. Bought this bag in LA and its spicing up any outfit plus reminding me of a wonderful time&place 3. MAKE-UP (KRYOLAN, BUY HERE): Most essential thing for a show with my Band Pentatones. #ouroboros #blackCircles Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Twitter