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Berlin-based Swedish electronic music producer, DJ and label owner SPFDJ shares her inspiration and essentials to stay focused on her fast-paced career.

With a powerful unique sound merging Techno, Hardcore, Acid, Trance and EBM, Lina Jonsson aka SPFDJ is setting new standards in the underground electronic music scene. She is one of the founding members and residents of infamous warehouse party Universe of Tang and co-runs the Cranial Handles transmission as well as the System.out sound system. The recent new addition to the evergrowing SPFDJ empire is her new Intrepid Skin record label with a strong first release by Polish producer VTSS.

When we arrived at SPFDJ’s sunny apartment, her essentials were already laid out for the photoshoot and the freshly done manicure was matching her yellow SPFDJ sticker (which we love). While maintaining her strikingly confident and ferocious image, we could not stop noticing her warm dedication and commitment to music and the people around her.

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1. VINYL BRUSH (HARDWAX, CHECK HERE): I keep leaving these behind at my gigs, I’ve lost count of how many I’ve bought so far.

2. EARPLUG CASE WITH MY NAME ON IT (ACS, CHECK HERE): I have the same sticker on the back on my phone, if I lose one I can easily prove ownership of the other in a lost & found XD.

3. SNUS (BUY IN SWEDEN OR NORWAY): Swedish tobacco, banned within the EU.

4. SOLID DEODORANT (BUY HERE): Top tip for travel as it frees up space in your liquids bag. Harder to find in Germany but common in normal supermarkets elsewhere.

5. NECKLACE (INTREPID SKIN, FOLLOW HERE): I carry babe VTSS around my neck & soon you can too, follow Intrepid Skin socials for news.

6. HAIR SCISSOR (NO BRAND): Yes Ryan I cut my own hair.

7. SUNSCREEN (ANY SUPERMARKET OR PHARMACY): Coz what would SPFDJ be without it?

8. BACK MASSAGER (DOXY, BUY HERE): For some nice relaxation after long weekends of touring.


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