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Soundwalk Collective is an award-winning international art and music trio based between New York and Berlin. The members consisting of Stephan Crasneanscki, Simone Merli and Kamran Sadeghi produce concept albums, sound installations and live performances with collaborators such as Patti Smith, Berghain and Nan Goldin. For their latest album “Before Music There Is Blood” on Apollo Records, the ambient division of R&S Records, Soundwalk Collective worked with the world’s most prestigious music conservatories such as the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (China) and the N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia). They recorded and collected sounds from courtyards, corridors and classrooms of these academies as well as hundreds of hours of students practicing and rehearsing. Re-interpreting these notes “out of their context” into four productions, they question the definition of music, composition, and harmony.

When we walked into their studio / living room in Berlin during rehearsals, we were greeted by a concert piece that had the sound and the spacial depth of a symphony orchestra. Their live set up was as complex as their sound but blended in beautifully with the antique furniture, ambient lighting and a selection of french literature on the floor. Despite the creative chaos of cables and analogue equipment, the space felt warm and tranquil just like Stephan, Simone and Kamran’s essentials: a collection of seemingly practical objects with an individual poetic touch.

Essentials Soundwalk Collective 5elect5

1. HIMALAYAN SALT ROCK (KINGDOM OF LO): Salt for the brain. A pure rock of pink salt I collected in Lo Manthang, at the very top of the Mustang Valley in Nepal, as I was carrying out field recordings for our recent sound installation at the Rubin Museum of Art in NYC. (by Simone)

2. HANDWRITTEN SCORE: My sections of our current live set, cues and notes. In making and performing music I need to manually write words, make sketches and see things graphically to understand the flow of it all. (by Simone)

3. PERSONAL NOTEBOOK (NO BRAND): To ground thoughts flying suspended in the air. (by Stephan)

4. SWISS EARPLUGS (CALMOR, BUY HERE): Silence is what really matters. To properly hear you need a counterpoint. (by Stephan)

5. LIGHTER (BIC, CHECK HERE): Holding onto my only vice. The rituals of smoking. (by Kamran)

6. PATCHCABLE (NO BRAND): The blood vessel of modular synthesis.  For exploring and discovering new sonic territories. (by Kamran)

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