5elect5 Essentials Sophia Krasomil Graphic Designer

Graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist Sophia Krasomil shares her compact travel and work essentials – everything you need to stay creative on your trip.

Sophia Krasomil is a key figure to the new graphic design movement inspired by the 90s acid aesthetics with contemporary creative style twist. The use futuristic imagery, 3D graphics and experimental typography are some key elements to her work. Her designs explores material textures in 2D and 3D form and create trip but nostalgic visual landscapes.

Sophia is a member of the u2640 design collective and recently started a new project Cosmic Call with graphic designer Lena Manger which they say is “an attempt to explore the future and its uncertain outcomes, a road to utopia”.

Sophia says : “These are my essentials from a two weeklong trip to Berlin, Estonia and Finland. I only brought a small backpack with very little stuff because I travelled only with hand luggage”. The ultimate portable collection of essentials – very inspiring for travelling creatives.

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5elect5 Essentials Sophia Krasomil Graphic Designer

1. BOOK (SIBYLLE BERG, CHECK HERE): I started reading this book from Sibylle Berg on my trip. I had previously read “Vielen Dank für das Leben” written by her and was really fascinated by this dark yet humorous way of writing. Unfortunately I forgot my book half way into my trip at a hostel in Helsinki. I really hope another appreciative reader found it!

2. PRINT (COSMIC CALL, CHECK HERE):  In the beginning of my trip I met up with my friend and graphic design partner Lena Manger (@lnmngr) in Berlin. We did a photoshoot with the cloth we designed which was really fun. I carried the cloth all the way trough my trip in my backpack and it didn’t get dirty, yay!

3. EARRINGS (VARIOUS BRANDS): If I travel around with just limited luggage I like to take small accessories with me to have more style variations. This time I brought this small collection of earrings.

4. LIPSTICK (VARIOUS BRANDS): I really like wearing lipstick and have a big collection of them. You can find a few lipsticks – slowly melting – in each of my handbags.

5. SKETCHBOOK (NO BRAND): This is my sketchbook in which I make notes or sketch drawings. I used to draw a lot and finished a book like this every few weeks. Nowadays I use my laptop much more. But while travelling its really handy.


5elect5 Essentials Sophia Krasomil Graphic Designer



5elect5 Essentials Sophia Krasomil Design

5elect5 Essentials Sophia Krasomil Design