5elect5 Essentials Ryoko Hori Massage Therapist Aromatherapy

Berlin-based Japanese massage therapist, perfumer and curator Ryoko Hori invites us to her workshop and boutique RYOKO in Berlin to share her essentials.

Ryoko’s boutique is a visual and sensory experience of the artist Ryoko Hori’s life and career. She and her partner Daniel call the space “Senses Salon” –  inspired by the original meaning of  ‘salon’ in the 17th century in France. It used to be a gathering of people under one roof, held partly to amuse and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants. Therefore a beautifully curated collection of her friend’s art and her own products can be viewed and purchased at the store (and here online).

Born in Osaka, Ryoko started working as a fashion designer. After living in Tokyo and Paris, she soon discovered her passion for alternative and holistic medicine. Studying beauty therapy, remedial massage therapy and Ayurveda Indian traditional medicine in Paris, Sydney and India, Ryoko continues to explore the “mind-body connection” and its mental and physical health benefits. Her massage treatments are highly personalized to each customer’s needs using carefully sourced organic resources and and therapeutical scents. Ryoko not only heals you but also encourages you to find your own self care rituals by sharing her extensive knowledge and experience with you.

Ryoko’s selection of her essentials gives us a taste of her treatments, her boutique and her life. As her work helps us to “connect with our senses, refine our mind and appreciate everyday life”, so do these essentials seem to remind her to do the same.

Follow and book appointments with Ryoko here:

Website: Ryoko-Berlin 
Online Boutique: Ryoko-Online  


5elect5 Essentials Ryoko Hori Massage Therapist Aromatherapy

1. TREASURE BOX (POW-WOW, BUY HERE): Set of palo santo, white sage, cedar smudges and matches. It is the best companion for my trip.

Wherever I go, I take it with me and smudge out hotel room and myself. Not only does it make me feel at home, but it also cleans and kills bacteria.

2. DOG GOOD-LUCK CHARM (GIFT): I spent New year in Japan in 2018, the year of the dog. My mum gave me this charm that she got from a temple. It protected me during my trip. Back in Berlin, a few months later, Lumi, white dog who looks like this charm came to our home, and she is now our family member.

3. SKINCARE (RYOKO, BUY HERE): Recharge Overnight Care. My skin care essential 🙂

4. AROMATHERAPY (RYOKO, BUY HERE): Awareness Pulse Points Treatment. Apply a few drops into my pulse points whenever and wherever I need. Thanks to the aromatherapy, an immediate relief from stress and fatigue is promised! Great also for the motion sickness.

5. GENMAICHA (IPPODO, BUY HERE):  Drinking tea especially finest Ippodo tea is definitely one of my happiest moments.

6. BOOK (BY GASTON BONNIER):  “Plantes médicinales mellifères, utiles et nuisibles” – This book is useful due to the illustrations of plants in colour. Take it with me for walks in nature. Happy to know the names of wild plants that I see in nature, and learn about the plants including medicinal usage.


5elect5 Essentials Ryoko Hori Massage Therapist Aromatherapy