5elect5 Essentials Regal DJ Producer

Madrid-based Italian producer and DJ Regal shares his work and style essentials on the road – a collection of items that reflect the dedication and ambition for his rising music career.

Gabriel Cassina AKA Regal’s is one of Techno’s new generation of artists who keeps disrupting the international electronic music scene since 2012. Known for his eclectic sound which moves between acid, trance and disco, his DJ sets and productions contain new school rave elements which represent a rougher side of modern Techno. 2012 was also the year he founded the label Involve Records which has now become a core hub for both his solo productions and stand out collaborations with the likes of Alien Rain, FJAAK, Cosmin TRG, Bambounou, and Truncate.

After joining Ellen Allien’s BPitch Berlin label with “The Eyes” EP earlier this year, he recently released as a key collaborator on her new UFO Inc. label. If his past releases were dedicated to updating the sounds of the nineties for the present, his new releases on labels other than his own sees him refining and shaping his identity for the future. His collection of essentials are items part of the professional Regal brand – a reminder to ourselves that you need to know first what is good for you to shine and achieve your next goals.

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5elect5 Essentials Regal DJ Producer

1. WHITE SOCKS (REEBOK, CHECK HERE)I always play with my Reebok white shocks on (no worries, I’ve got quite a few that look the same). They are super comfortable, warm and thin enough to let my feet breath especially when I play in warm, sweaty clubs.

2. GOLD CHAIN (FAMILY GIFT): This gold chain belonged to my Italian grandfather. When I was a child my father gave it to me and since then I’ve never took it off. Besides the chain, I’ve also got a gold bracelet from my father. These are symbols that help me ‘bring’ my family on tour with me when I’m traveling.

3. HOODIE (INVOLVE, CHECK HERE ): This is probably my favorite piece of merchandising that we’ve done for Involve supporters. I really like the design and the quality of the hoodie, and it’s very warm and comfortable. I love to wear our Involve products, I would never sell something I wouldn’t wear.

4. MEDICINE (OWN COLLECTION): I always travel with a small pack of medicines as I easily get sick while on tour… temperature changes, air conditioning on the planes, etc… I can’t cancel gigs when I get a cold, so I’ve always gotta be prepared.

5. HEADPHONES (APPLE, CHECK HERE ): Probably the most important thing of my essentials pack. I listen to music 24/7 also when I’m traveling. It could be music to get ready for the gig, music to disconnect my mind or even just to watch a movie on the plane. I always have a second pair of headphones in my luggage in case I forget these ones.

6. PANTS (ADIDAS, CHECK HERE ): I always play with these joggers as it’s the most comfortable clothing piece that I own. I guess it already has become some kind of a personal signature.

7. IPHONE CASE (OTTERBOX, CHECK HERE): Usually I don’t use cases for my phone, but this one is special because it has a small support to watch movies when traveling.



5elect5 Essentials Regal DJ Producer