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Belgian electronic music producer, composer, DJ and label boss Peter van Hoesen shares his essentials for a successful and healthy work life balance .

Peter is one of Techno’s tastemakers with a deep understanding and unique talent for creating the right sounds for various spaces such as the club, the home, the gallery or the museum. His sound ranges from contemporary, dramatic techno into house, melodic moments, broken beats and atmosphere-lifting classic 80s/90s vibes. Peter Van Hoesen performs as a DJ and as a Live act, fusing his love for playing records with his hardware-led approach to craft powerful musical journeys.

While Peter’s renown label Time To Express celebrated it’s 10th anniversary last year, he just launched the new label Center 91 which looks back towards his own experiences of the late 90s Belgian underground. An outlet to remember and celebrate the raw and industrial Brussels warehouse raves which continue to influence his practice as an artist.

Peter’s selection of essentials show dedication and passion for his work but also the important balance of routines and changes for a healthy mind and creativity flow.

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5elect5 Essentials Peter Van Hoesen


1. MAKE NOISE BLACK & GOLD SHARED SYSTEM (CHECK HERE): My instrument. A source of endless fun, inspiration and, sometimes, head-scratching wonder.

2. I CHING (BUY HERE): An age old device for revealing hidden truths.

3. NOTEBOOK (FOR TIME TO EXPRESS STICKER CHECK HERE):  Usually I carry little pocket notebooks with me when I travel. Frequently I scribble semi-important notes in them, only to ignore all of it. later.

4. RECORDER (ZOOM, CHECK HERE): My old Zoom recorder. It has been broken for a while, it only records microphone input. Which is how I use it to pick up snippets of sounds everywhere I go.

5. OBLIQUE STRATEGIES (BUY HERE): Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s intriguing tool against creative blocks. Also fun to do at the start of the day for no reason at all.


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