Hands Parra for Cuva & Senoy 5elect5

Essentials Parra for Cuva & Senoy 5elect5

1. INCENSE STICKS (SOME JAPANESE BRAND): This is something i try to keep with me where ever i go. Because i love the smell and the relaxing side effect. I have a huge collection at home which i got from Japan, Korea and India. This on is from Kyoto ( Japan).  We once played a show where friends of mine passed them to the audience and told them to light them when we start playing.

2. GREENSTONE NECKLACE (NO BRAND): You only get a Greenstone in New Zealand and you can’t buy them for yourself. Its a tradition that you can just get one if somebody gives it to you as a present. 
So after my final year in school i worked in a small anthroposophical place with mentally disabled people. This was my present at the end of the year. I always wear it to keep the spirit.

3. RUBBER BANDS (NO BRAND): I have no idea what it is but twisting rubber bands in my hands has been something i’m really into since i was a little kid. There is no way you will ever see me without those.

4. EAR PLUGS (EGGER, BUY HERE): Clubs are just too loud sometimes….. :***(

5. BODY LOTION (MITTAGSBLUME, CHECK HERE ): A thing i actually would not like to have with me but i have very strong case of Neurodermatits ( a skin illness which makes you scratch all day long and especially in the night ). So i the wintertime i have to take this cream everywhere. Its based just on natural ingredients.

6. LINEAR WAVE SAMPLER (ROLAND SP404sx, CHECK HERE ): I just love this thing. I got mine just recently but i´ve been diggin all that lofi and boom bap stuff since i saw dibiase killing it on the SP. 

Writing Drawing Parra for Cuva & Senoy 5elect5

Footer Parra for Cuva & Senoy 5elect5

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