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Essentials Pan-Pot 5elect5

1. iPHONE (APPLE, CHECK HERE ): Unfortunately my life is mainly organizable via my phone. It’s the only way how to keep everything together. Networking, staying updtodate, listening new music, playing games 🙂 (by Tassilo)

2. EARPHONES (BOSE, CHECK HERE): We travel heavy and to disconnect myself from noise, people, the rest of the world I use my noise cancelling headphones. I love the moment when I switch them one and everything from the outside fades away. (by Tassilo)

3. KEYS (NO BRAND, CHECK OUT RIVERSIDE STUDIOS HERE): My keys are quite a good symbol for what’s going on in my life. I feel like a facility manager sometimes. I’m partner/owner of a big studios complex in Berlin called, Riverside Studios and therefore i need all those keys. (by Tassilo)

4. HEADPHONES (NOCS, CHECK HERE): Why they are so important? Because I DJ with them but also produce music, watch movies, play games, fall asleep and and and! (by Thomas)

5. MEDICINE (NO PARTICULAR BRAND): Ibuprofen + Vitamin pills are my ‘Raver Breakfast’ after long nights and extended sets. (by Thomas)

6. UNIVERSAL POWERPLUG (NO PARTICULAR BRAND ): To keep my electronics alive 🙂 (by Thomas)

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