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5elect5 Essentials Or:la DJ Producer

Derry-born Berlin-based producer and DJ Or:la shares her selection of must-have items on the road mixed with fun and furry source of inspiration.

Or:la’s is music career first started as selector and collector with a fascination of collecting old electronic records. Her DJ career and genre-spanning taste of music very quickly paved the grounds to create her own music. With “UK Lonely”, she debuted her music producer career on one of UK’s most established electronic music label Hotflush Recordings. In 2017, her first label ‘Deep Sea Frequency’ released an eclectic mix of EPs from the likes of Pépe, DJ Seinfeld and herself. To create a platform to support and release music of new artists, Or:la launched her second imprint ‘Céad’. The second release “Marymont” by the Polish producer Blu Terra just came out in October.

The selection of Or:la’s travel and work essentials feels like a snapshot of her fast-paced career. It is a mix of playful items that capture some highlights of her journey. These are ways for her to stay focused on the busy touring schedule – appreciating and documenting every moment in form of notes, souvenirs or on film.

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5elect5 Essentials Or:la DJ Producer

1. WATER BOTTLE (BLACK+BUM, CHECK HERE)My friend Larry got me onto this charcoal water filter. The activated charcoal removes toxins from tap water and also improves the flavour. We all need to drink more water and use less plastic, and most cafes/ public places will let you fill up your reusable bottle for free.

2. FLUFFY SKETCH PAD (NO BRAND): A cute fluffy sketch pad which my best friend brought back from her travels in Vietnam.

3. NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES (BOSE, CHECK HERE ): These are honestly never out of my ears when travelling. Airports and planes can be invasive spaces, and even if you’re not in the mood to listen to anything, the noise cancelling element means that you can still block out that constant hum of annoying background noise. Using noise cancelling headphones on flights also means that you won’t have to turn your music up so loud.

4. FILM CAMERA (OLYMPUS): It’s probably no secret that the Olympus mju II is one of the best point and shoot cameras you can get your hands on. They’re quite hard to come by as they were discontinued like 10 years ago, but from time to time you can come across a decent second hand one.

5. DESIGNING JAPAN (KENYA HARA, CHECK HERE): I always like to read up about the architecture of places I am due to visit, and how it ties in with the culture of the country. I’m really looking forward to returning to Japan, so i’m enjoying reading this book by Kenya Hara.


5elect5 Essentials Or:la DJ Producer