5elect5 Essentials Nadine Kolodziey Illustrator Visual Artist 3D AR

Illustrator, graphic designer and visual artist Nadine Kolodziey shares her colorful and fun essentials.

Nadine works with both digital and analog materials to create her vibrant immersive experiences. Her selection of tools seem to be endless and fearless; creating melted-plastic collages, digital illustrations and physical installations the audience can walk through and interact with. Her dedication to the field of visual research as well as the Adobe Creative Residency last year allowed her to explore the use of new technology in a meaningful but fun way. In her recent work, the characters and landscapes enter the AR space and pop out of their flat 2D backgrounds.

Based between Frankfurt and Berlin, Nadine travels a lot for her work. Her selection of essentials describe her well: cheeky and fun – just like her work. The items are practical yet carefully collected to extend her vision and bring joy to every day tasks.

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Instagram: @Nadinekolodziey
Facebook: @Nadine Kolodziey Illustration / Art Direction/ Visual Communication


5elect5 Essentials Nadine Kolodziey Illustrator Visual Artist 3D AR

1. EGG HOLDER (VINTAGE): I’m always starting my day with boiled Eggs, sometimes I have to take them with me, going to a meeting f.ex. This case protects the shell <3

2. POWER BANK (NO BRAND):  This Lightning is a life saver for heavy pokemon go players like me.

3. TAMAGOTCHI (BANDAI, BUY HERE): Full color from Japan: As I travel a lot I can’t take care of non-virtual pets. This one is from Matsudo, where I stayed during a residency.

4. AUGMENTED REALITY STICKERS (GET YOURS HERE): My first AR Collaboration with Alessandro de Bellegarde, always with me to spread the magic.

5. FINGER TENSION RELAXATION RING (NO BRAND): Relief after high intensity drawing fro hours, it is like a black roll for your hands.

6. SAILORMOON PEN (VINTAGE): I do all my calendar and project plannings with this, as it keeps me motivated, from my favourite flea market in Tokyo.

7. BLUE NAIL POLISH (NO PARTICULAR BRAND): I wear this particular blue since 6 years now.

8. LIQUID CHALK MARKER (EDDING, CHECK HERE): For quick half-illegal sketches in big scale. They are dry erasable and go on almost every surface.


5elect5 Essentials Nadine Kolodziey Illustrator Visual Artist 3D AR