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Mr. Statik, aka Stathis Kalatzis, is a tall man of many faces: an international DJ with a popular monthly residency at Athen’s “Six D.O.G.S“, a producer, an illustrator and a full-time program manager at Red Bull Music Academy. As one of the pioneers of the Greek electronic music scene, he stays true to his roots and seems to always support and push the local scene even though he is now based in Berlin for the past 4 years. The fact that he was one of the first Red Bull Music Academy graduates from the 2003 edition in Cape Town proves his talent as well as his wide international network of artists and friends.

When we visited his studio / apartment in Berlin, we were impressed by Stathis’ studio set up as well as his book and art collection. He seems to particularly enjoy graphic novels focusing on beautiful but dark subject matters.  This became very visible when he started successfully merging his passion for music and art by drawing his own cover art such as the “A Boy Named Crow” record on Amam. The selection of his essentials capture the secret to his career: find the balance in life that keep you going while staying inspired.

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1. MEDICINE (PRONTALGINE, BUY IN FRANCE): It’s actually sad that Prontalgine is among my essentials these days but it’s my definite go-to hangover remedy when you’ve had one too many, particularly when traveling.

2. BOOKS (TWIN PEAKS, BUY HERE): This is one damn good book! Like all loyal Twin Peaks fans I’m counting days for the iconic show’s return after 25 years. In the meantime this wonderfully curated edition is ticking all the surreal boxes thus being my favorite winter bed time story companion.

3. INK PENS (VARIOUS BRANDS): Sketching and comic book culture has always been a huge love for me, one that I cheated on with music at some point in my life. I’ve slowly created the space to start drawing again, whether it’s been for lil’ design / editorial purposes or just for the kicks of it. This is my current inks collection and I only plan to expand it in the coming year.

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