5elect5 Essentials Maryisonacid DJ Music Selector African Acid is the Future

Maryama Luccioni aka Maryisonacid is a multidisciplinary artist and founder of the African Acid is the Future label and collective. Find out what inspires her to support and spread the treasures of Africa’s diverse musical rhythm and sound.

Maryama is known for her label and movement African Acid is the Future. She is also a DJ, promoter, music curator for radios such as and Berlin Community Radio and writes for “Ambianc” Fanzine made with her collective. Born to a Corscian mother and  Congolese father, she grew up in Paris and Corsica. Her multi-cultural background as well as her musical upbringing shaped her passion and broad taste in music.

By founding the African Acid is the Future, Maryama created an outlet for artists from mainly Africa to share and promote their music and to take the listener on “an acid trip around Afro rhythms, travelling from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Congo to Ghana, cruising on electronic sounds, cosmic rhythmics and psychedelic vibrations”. What started as a humble get together in a smokey bar in Neukölln, Berlin, has now evolved into a powerful event series at venues and festivals around the world.

What inspires her to continue and grow the AAITF movement is represented by her selection of essentials. IT is a mix of thoughtful gifts from friends and tools to keep her focused on her vision as well as remind her of her

The next AAITF event will be back at Maryama’s current home Berlin at Loftus Hall on July 27th, followed by a special edition inviting Christophe Chassol “Big Sun” to perform at the Volksbühne. Find more information about the artist and purchase tickets here.

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5elect5 Essentials Maryisonacid DJ Music Selector African Acid is the Future

1. MINI KALIMBA (GIFT): My friend Ana Tabatadze talented tattoo artist gave it to me as a present a few weeks ago. I have a much bigger version of this instrument that I also received as a gift a few years ago. It’s an excellent instrument to have if you are not skilled but still want to enjoy the soothing notes it provides. It’s my own personal anti stress method and fetish . This compact version allows me to keep it close along my travels.

2. RECORDER (ZOOM, CHECK HERE): Zoom recorder : This very cool toy is also a gift I received last year from one of my very best friends Camille Bokhobza, he is a photographer but also music enthusiast. I always wanted one, I’m not sure he knew that but it came as the perfect tool to have in my life. I’m travelling more and more often so this is just another playful way to collect memories and information. I find I’m using the sounds I collect in my radio shows, in my DJ performances, and even in the studio now.

3. SKINCARE (GIFT): This is the best cream I ever put on my face. Again my friend Camille Bokhobza brought it for me from Greece, it’s made in an uninhabited island by a man who also makes Bees Wax candles. It’s of course completely natural and smells like dry immortal flowers and the smell of ‘rocks under the sun’. I rarely find a face care that rejuvenating and efficient. Since I’m a little girl I’m fascinated by the skin and its complexity. I could have try to be a dermatologist but instead I chose to learn how to work leather and become a shoemaker. That was another life and another story…

4. DISPOSABLE CAMERA (NO BRAND): Well I’m nostalgic, and If you were a kid in the 80’s then that is a classic… I always use them and they have always been around…I pretty much carry one with me anytime I travel. They are easy and you don’t have to be careful with them. When I lived in NYC a little while back in 2009, the skater kids were using them to shoot a lot, and they would remove the plastic color film that ‘dresses’ them… I liked that, they looked way cooler but also more anonymous, which makes it easier to shoot discreetly.

5. iPAD MINI (APPLE, CHECK HERE): This is my office and the only object that connects me to the internet as I don’t possess an iPhone or a smartphone at all…I barely possess a phone… But anyway, it’s essential to me for running my label, and events. I use it to write notes, work notes mostly go there, I have a notebook for private things or thoughts… I enjoy its size and versatility.