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1. INCENSE (PALO SANTO – NO BRAND): I bring Palo Santo with me everywhere.  When I’m traveling I have to deal with a lot of other peoples vibes, particularly negative or stressed out ones.  When I get to my hotel room I typically light some palo santo.  Not only does it “clear the air” and calm me down but it also gives me a familiar feeling as I also light palo santo at home in the mornings and before bed.  It connects me with home and a sense of peace wherever I’m at.

2. HOUR GLASS (NO BRAND): I bought this hour glass at an antique store in Nashville Tennessee.  I have it in my studio on my workstation desk.  I tend to use it when I have a difficult production task that I need to accomplish but know that I can’t spend too much time on.  I like it better than setting a digital timer because it gives me something visual to represent time.  A ticking clock gives me slight anxiety and bad memories from school.  The hour glass has a calming nature to it.  Once the hour has passed I know to take a break and walk away from whatever I’m doing so that I don’t make any hasty decisions.

3. EQUIPMENT (MIDI FIGHTER, SEE HERE): The MIDI Fighter is an essential piece of gear for me.  I love the action of the arcade style buttons on it when programming drums or just jamming out live.  I use it in the studio and on stage.  It’s fun to pick up and dance around playing it during my shows.  It’s good eye candy for the crowd with all its flashing lights.  It’s also very sturdy and has survived many gigs which I can’t say about a lot of other MIDI controllers I’ve owned.  

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