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1. SHEEP (NO BRAND) : Well here I have my sheep. It doesn’t have a name or a gender I just take the sheep where I go and rest it against things. It’s my subtle way of informing people about my new record Para.

2. RCA TO USB CABLE (ALESIS, BUY HERE ): The Alesis phono link is clutch. I’m the only person I’ve seen using it and I don’t know why. It’s cheap, it’s portable and to the point. I just plug it into my computer and then I’m free to rip sounds from synth stores, record stores, phones iPads. Anything with a headphone jack really. Sound quality isn’t dramatically compromised either but what do I know. 

3. COLD & STRESS RELIEF (VICKS, BUY HERE ): I need that vapo rub to relax me after a long day of traveling and performing. I just smear that luxurious, pungent concoction all over my body. I usually go through one container a day. 

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