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Franco-German electronic music producer, DJ and sound engineer Liebherr shares his  essentials for a healthy and creative work life balance.

Matthieu Petitmangin aka Liebherr is a producer, sound engineer and DJ, whose background includes a four-year stint as a sound engineer and music producer at Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg. As one of the founding members of the new Berlin-based imprint Lemon Test, him and his partners Jenna Jones and Guy Nicki created a platform and community to showcase music from an international array of established and emerging artists. The label’s very own Slices podcast series includes mixes from talents such as Al Kassian and Sieren who we have also featured on 5elect5.

Liebherr’s Perfect Vessel EP marks the fourth Lemon Test release and it’s a powerful yet deeply melancholic one. His essentials seem to give an insight into his work routines how to craft these musical journeys though fuzzy melodies and engaging rhythmic textures. The selection shows his attention to his mental and physical health as an artist and what inspires him.

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5elect5 Essentials Liebherr

1. SH-01A (ROLAND, BUY HERE): Reproduction of the iconic SH-101: I’m still learning it and never will stop learning from it. It’s simple yet versatile and polyphonic. I think I’ll especially enjoy its portability when using it for the live set that I’m currently building.

2. PROTEIN SHAKE (FIND YOUR FLAVOR): There’s always a protein shake lying around somewhere in case I manage to squeeze in a little gym session. Sports and movement are extremely important for me as they help to maintain good physical and mental health and overall confidence.

3. SKINCARE (KIEHL’S, BUY HERE): Probably one of the best facial creams out there, really required after long nights or flights (not that I’m playing around the world, but I still travel!)

4. STICKERS (CHECK HERE): These are stickers from my label lemon test. I usually have some in the depth of my pockets. We give them away at our release parties which we throw for every release. Grab one next time and stick them on the toilet doors!

5. SUPPLEMENTS (FIND AT LOCAL SHOP): 5HTP. Recommend by a friend, it’s become part of my daily life. It’s supposed to help with mild depression and keep your thoughts focused and centered, and in my experience definitely helps to achieve a deeper sleep. Would be interesting to see what happens if I stop for a while…

6. WALLET AND CHAIN (NO BRAND): I lost so many wallets over the years so will always keep it chained to my pants from here on out. The chain has become something of a trademark, as well as an absolute essential.



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