5elect5 Essentials Laurie Rowan Illustrator Animator Motion Designer

Laurie Rowan is an award winning illustrator, animator and director from South of England. Laurie’s work combines creativity and technology animating wobbly pastel creatures to music.

After animating for television and game design and working for clients including the CBBC, British Museum, Sony and Channel 4, Laurie started creating his own wold of “colourful, fun, wobbly and satisfying” characters. The highly addictive videos of playful and heartwarming scenes look very simple and natural. However, Laurie’s work requires extensive experience in motion design, technical skills and a sharp eye for moving shapes in space to make.

Laurie is now signed as a director to Nexus Studios, a curated network of world-class talents across film, animation, and interactive arts. Headlining this year’s Pictoplasma, an annual conference for character design and art, Laurie created a holographic interactive installation focusing on the emotions between humans and virtual characters. Despite his forward-thinking, innovative use of the latest technology in his work – his inspiration and essentials are very humble and reflect the simplicity of his creative process staying true to his craft.

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Twitter: @LaurieRowan
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5elect5 Essentials Laurie Rowan Illustrator and Motion Designer

1. NOTEBOOK & SKETCHBOOK (MOLESKINE, CHECK HERE): I spend quite a bit of time on trains it doesn’t feel so much like dead time if I have my sketchbook. In honesty that’s a placebo effect because still spend a lot of the time staring out of the window, but at least I feel the potential of productivity. I’m also dyslexic and a by product of that is relying heavily on note taking and prompts. The majority of the book is to-do lists, with only half the items ticked off.

2. PENCIL (FABER CASTELL, CHECK HERE): My mechanical pencil. I use this mainly for diagrammatic drawing, when I’m planning a mechanism in one of my animations. A companion piece to the sketchbook. There’s a reoccurring theme through the next couple.

3. BRUSH PEN (NO BRAND): A thin brush pen. I love drawing with a brush pen, it forces you to draw with a gestural fluidity and relieves the pressure to be too delicate. That’s what it does for me at least. It’s great to have with you when you want to do something akin to painting without all the considerations that involves.

4. BRUSH PEN 2 (SAKURA PIGMA, CHECK HERE): A fat brush pen. The same as the previous entry, but thicker.

5. WATCH (THE HORSE, CHECK HERE): This watch was a gift from my wife on our wedding day. I’ve lost it and somehow had it return to me multiple times. It makes me late more often than punctual as I often forget to put it on and have to return to the house to get it it, because although I’ll probably check my phone for the time rather than my watch, I feel incomplete without it.

6. HEADPHONES (NO BRAND): I try to avoid listening to music constantly because I like to be out in the world fully, but I do like to have the option to tune out whenever I like, and headphones afford you that.


5elect5 Essentials Laurie Rowan Illustrator Animator Motion Designer