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Kike AKA Kikelomo is a London born, Berlin based DJ and radio presenter.

She started her music career with No Shade crew which is also a club night series and DJ training program for female/non-binary DJs based in Berlin. As a graduate and active member, she now tours around the world and hosts her own radio show ‘Pass The Aux’ on Cashmere Radio showcasing  UK urban music. While Kike has also a full-time job as a product manager at the music software and hardware company Native Instruments, it seems like her creative drive is unstoppable: She recently designed a t-shirt with OVERKILL, adidas Originals and Girls Are Awesome.

Kike’s selection of essentials reveal the secret to her energy which helped her career to develop quicker than she expected: Knowing what you believe in and what makes you happy.

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5elect5 Essentials Kikelomo

1. FAMILY AND FRIENDS (SHOT ON POLAROID): It sounds so cheesy but I feel so blessed to have such wonderful and loving people around me. My friends and family continue to push and inspire me every day, so for me, surrounding myself with them and the positivity they bring to my life is essential. I used to be into photography (I was called the “paparazzi” in high school because I loved taking candid pictures of people). I’m trying to carry cameras with me more to get back into this!

2. WRENCH (FIND AT YOUR LOCAL HARDWARE STORE): I studied Engineering in university, and so finding solutions to problems and fixing broken things brings me a lot of joy. I tend to carry around some sort of tool to help me out with this, but more often than not I use what’s around me – coins, pencils, hairdryers… nothing is off limits.

3. DJ POUCH (SKINNYDIP, CHECK HERE): When it comes to DJing, everything I need (apart from my headphones) fits into this back. My usbs, my spare ¼” stereo plug adapters, my ear plugs, everything! The fact that this is holographic is and added bonus, plus it’s transparent so I don’t even need to open it to check I have everything inside

4. SHEA BUTTER (GIFT): Making sure I’m moisturised is essential, I feel like moisturizing every morning is a ritual every black person has had since birth. I always carry some form of moisturiser with me, but my favourite is raw whipped shea butter my friends and family bring back from Nigeria and Ghana.

5. EARRINGS (HOUSE OF DANAE, CHECK HERE): I always like to dress up a little bit for my sets – Berlin is very casual so it gives me an excuse to experiment with my style. I’ve had my ears pierced since I was 7 months old, so earrings have been a go to for me pretty much since day one! I got this pair from an amazing Berlin based jewellery label called House of Danaë, check them out.

6. BOOKS (“WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS”):  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a huge inspiration, especially due to our shared Nigerian heritage. I found this book in a bookshop in Cologne when I was playing at Club Heartbroken, and for me the message of this book (particularly when it comes to intersectionality in feminism) is essential.

7. SNACKS (PROPER CORN, CHECK HERE): I am constantly hungry, and I have a reputation for having great taste in snacks. I try to always carry something to eat when I go out to keep my hanger (it’s pretty severe) at bay. The popcorn game in Germany is pretty weak, so when I discovered a couple of shops that stock some British brands, I was over the moon!




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