5elect5 Essentials Kevin Moll Graphic Designer

Berlin-based Graphic designer, typography designer and founder of Collide24 Kevin Moll shares his source of inspiration and motivation to explore the depth of design collaborations.

Kevin is always looking for new ideas, techniques and inspirations in his daily creative and multidisciplinary life. The selection of his essentials capture his love for tattoos, skateboarding and anime culture – objects and items the designer grew up with and shaped his sense for aesthetics. The multi-disciplinary designer works across various mediums from prints, visual identities, web-based projects to typography. The limited edition Otaku T-shirt definitely caught our attention!

His latest project with talented graphic designer Lena Manger examines the power and depth of collaborative work. Together they launched Collide24 , an online platform focusing on collaborations in creative fields. The latest article features the mixed media installation “Probable Trust” created by Leipzig based designers Sophia Krasomil and Insa Deist which is about complexity and fragility of trust and the impact blockchain technology.

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5elect5 Essentials Kevin Moll Graphic Designer

1. SHIRT (EVERPRESS, CHECK HERE): Here you can see the anime tee I designed together with my partner in crime Lena Manger (@lnmngr). We both grew up with the subculture of anime and manga. From our childhoods right up to today, we still get a lot of our inspiration from the (typo)graphic style; it’s shaped our way of designing and thinking. By mixing it with our own European influences, we created a design that can be seen as a contemporary tribute to this subculture.

2. MANGAS (ONE PIECE AND DRAGON BALL)Reading Mangas and watching animes is still a big thing in my life. It is inspiring for me to see how people, like Eiichirō Oda – the artist behind the masterpiece „One Piece“ – turn their raw sketches into a colorful and mind-blowing story. The whole process is very wonderful – you can see how it began more than 20 years ago with just some lines on paper. If you watch the last movie „Stampede“ now, it combines  3D elements with hand drawn animations. While I really enjoy the old classics, there are also great new coming animes on my watchlist.

3. VIDEO GAMES (NINTENDO, CHECK HERE): I am a huge fan of video games – especially my Nintendo Switch is really practical because it is auch a small console and I can take it anywhere with me and play. Or just plug in at home for TV mode. It feels like I have some kind of laptop for playing.

4. SCARF (COLLIDE24, CHECK HERE ): This silk scarf is from COLLIDE24 which is one of my recent project. It officially started 2019 and grows now bigger and bigger with every person involved. The articles on are about collaborative works in creative fields, collecting works from young talents, students or legends. Through our research we are trying to explore the limits of collaboration as a creative practice and to find the answers to essential questions.

5. SKATEBOARD (NO BRAND): Look at this screwed board. Skating to me means having fun, trying new tricks – and standing up every time you fall.

6. MAGAZINES (BADLANDGRAPHICSLANTED): Getting inspired by selected magazines, books and zines helps me a lot in my design career to understand the variety and diversity of design works out there – not only in their style, but also regarding the message they want to spread.

7. NOTES (ON PAPER): Writing all my thoughts on a blank paper is one of the first steps when approaching a new project. For me, the best way to start a project is to first collect all my ideas – and then sort them afterwards.


5elect5 Essentials Kevin Moll Graphic Designer



5elect5 Essentials Kevin Moll Design

5elect5 Essentials Kevin Moll Design

5elect5 Essentials Kevin Moll Design