5elect5 Essentials Iron Curtis DJ Music Producer

Berlin-based DJ, music producer and music software technician Iron Curtis shares his essentials and personal collection of products by his talented friends.

Iron Curtis aka Johannes Paluka is one of artists who continuously  shaped the sound of deep atmospheric house and techno in Germany. As part of Achterbahn D’Amour with his longtime friend Jool aka Edit Piafra, they explore other genres like Acid infused Techno which is released on the renown LA-based Acid Test imprint. The latest project is dedicated to his love for classic Electro and stripped down Techno. The side project called Moon – a collaboration with his friend Johannes Albert from Frank Music.

With multiple releases on labels such as Retreat, Smallville, and Hudd Traxx, he now returns to Office Recordings for his third release on the label entitled ‘And The Temper’ EP.

As a DJ Iron Curtis is as inspired and versatile as he is a producer – so is the selection of essentials which represents his colorful and fun universe filled with like-minded and talented friends. A collection of fun gifts and memories is his source of inspiration and curiosity for all forms of art.

Follow and listen to Iron Curtis here:

Soundcloud: @iron-curtis
Instagram: @ironcurtismusic
Facebook: @ironcurtismusic
Twitter: @Iron_Curtis


5elect5 Essentials Iron Curtis DJ Music Producer

1. PIN (GIFT): My friend Nicole (@etsequens) wrote her well acclaimed master thesis about emojis (—> watch her presentation at re:publica) and I gave one of these pins/stickers to her as a gift. I got jealous and had to get one myself. Money either flies to or away from you…

2. HAIR PRODUCT (LESS IS MORE, BUY HERE):  I have hair, and the hair is wild. I tame it with this. Thank you Sander 13 !

3. SCARF (DICEY STUDIOS, CHECK HERE): New logos for old hardcore bands: Martin Müller (@dicey_studios) designed this beautiful scarf as part of his True Youth Bootlegs series.

4. KEY CHAIN (UNKNOWN): Since flamingos are known for their beautiful plumage but not for their odour, I’m fortunate that this one lives in a glass cover.

5. T-SHIRT (FRANK MUSIC, CHECK HERE): Always in the mix. Thank you Giovanni Alberto (@johannes_albert_) for this splendid Frank Music shirt.

6. SWEATER (VINTAGE): Fighting the black techno dress code since ’08.

7. RECORD (THL, CHECK HERE): Essential record. Nuff said.


5elect5 Essentials Iron Curtis DJ Music Producer