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Norwegian jewellery designer Ida Mari Molander shares her essentials for creating modern elegant jewellery for her brand IDAMARI. We visited the designer at her beautiful studio in Berlin, Germany.

Ida studied Product Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, graduating in 2009. Following her studies in Norway she relocated to Australia where she worked in fashion photography production and  later in graphic design. It was in Australia that she started studying jewellery design and making. She started her namesake brand in 2012.

Ida’s pieces are all handmade from high quality material she carefully selects. The designs are about simple forms combined with technical precision and modern elegance. Her selection of essentials were carefully chosen as well:  a selection of items to take care of her main inspiration and craft – her hands.

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5elect5 Essentials Idamari

1. RINGS (IDAMARI, CHECK HERE): I always wear one or more of my rings, except whilst making jewellery. I go through phases of preferring silver or gold. Currently the UNA ring in silver is my favourite ring to wear.. 

2. LIP BALM (LUCAS PAPAW OINTMENT, CHECK HERE): I started using this lip balm whilst living in Australia. It is a cult product there, made using fermented papaya fruit grown in Queensland. It works great for dry lips, small burns, minor cuts, you name it.

3. HAND SANITIZER (DR BRONNER, BUY HERE): A must to keep your hands clean when you are out and about. It smells like lavender and it is gentle on the skin.

4. HAND CREME (BADGER BALM, BUY HERE): Making jewellery means my hands get exposed to a lot, so I try to take good care of them. I recently discovered “Badger Balm for Hardworking Hands”. I like that it comes in a tin, is made from natural ingredients including beeswax and it smells slightly minty.

5. PODCASTS AND WIRELESS HEADPHONES (JBL, CHECK HERE):  These are essential for when I am making jewellery in my studio. I  am such a podcast/audible addict. The longer the format the better. Podcasts and audiobooks really help me stay inspired and productive whilst working on big orders.

6. PENS & NOTEBOOKS (CACTUS PENS, BUY HERE): I always carry around pens, planners and notebooks. I got this cactus pen in 3 different shades of green from Amazon. Other favourite pens are Sharpies and the Muji Gel Inks. I love the whole stationary section at Muji.




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