5elect5 Essentials Howie Lee DJ Producer Composer Visual Artist

Beijing-based audio-visual composer, DJ and multimedia artist Howie Lee shares his collection of essentials and creative tools for his work.

Howie’s work connects various forms of music and art. Always fluid and evolving while staying true to his “Made in China” aesthetic, his productions do not fit into one genre. His sound design is innovative and experimental mixing modern technologies with traditional instruments (such as the one shown part of his essentials). The additional audio-visual element to his work ranges from elaborate 3D renderings, animations to videos and installations which he creates himself or collaborates on with other artists.

The ground-breaking debut album Mù Chè Shān Chū on Low End Theory-affiliated label Alpha Pup as well as his latest album Tiān Dì Bù Rén on his co-founded label “Do Hits” are both works of art where East meets West in various new forms. The most recent exciting collaboration is an immersive live A/V performance with Taiwanese 3D animator Teom Chen.

Howie’s essential set up is compact yet efficient and seems to represent his work really well: bringing new and old together in respectful forms. The items are merly tools he needs for the journey to find his next sound. We cannot wait.

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5elect5 Essentials Howie Lee DJ Producer Composer Visual Artist

1. BOOK (EVENT BY SLAVOJ ŽIŽEK)I’ll always take a book with me so I won’t stare at my phone all the time.

2. CIGARETTES : Smoking is really bad for me but I only smoke when I really need it.

3. KEYBOARD (ROLI, CHECK HERE): A small keyboard is something you put your hands on.

4. SPEAKERS (GENELEC, CHECK HERE): Sound quality is really essential when you travel.

5. INSTRUMENT: This is where you can make the most noise out of such a tiny body.

6. iPHONE (APPLE, CHECK HERE): I’ve only restart to use an iphone since last month!

7. iPAD (APPLE, CHECK HERE): This is my setup for my live show, iPad , and more iPads.



5elect5 Essentials Howie Lee DJ Producer Composer Visual Artist