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Glenn Astro is just one pseudonym of the German producer, DJ and passionate record collector. With a background as a hip hop DJ, Astro his known for his borderless sound which incorporates elements of Jazz and Disco across a wide spectrum of electronic music from past to present.

Collaborative efforts with friends and producers like Max Graef, Hodini, Ajnascent and releasing on labels such as TarteletNinja Tune as well as Money $ex Records, the imprint he co-founded with Max Graef and Delfonic, have established him as one of the house-hold names in the modern house scene. ‘Delta Rain Dance‘ is his new artist and label concept-based project to delve into more contemplative, and melancholic states: a different side of Astro.

We hope to also reveal a new side of Astro through his essentials – a selection of items and routines he cares about most and inspire him to create.

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5elect5 Essentials Glenn Astro

1. RING (GIFT): This ring was initially a gift from my girlfriend and then turned into an engagement ring. It hasn’t left my finger for quite a few years now, at least not for more than half a day.

2. EFFECT PEDAL (THERMAE, READ HERE): I have this weird obsession with sending every sound I use through some sort of effects pedal. It’s not like I have a huge collection of pedals, but there are definitely a few favourites that I use almost every time. Especially the Thermae is amazing. 

3. CAP (LILLEHAMMER ’94):  Never not wearing a hat, at the moment this is my favourite one. Bought it for a few dollars in Montreal earlier this year.

4. CARTRIDGE (SHURE M44-7, CHECK HERE): My favourite cartridge ever, too bad Shure will no longer make any phono products.

5. DOUGLAS ADAMS (CHECK HERE AND FIND YOUR FAVORITE): This one is not necessarily my favourite out of the hitchhikers’s guide series, but it has the coolest sleeve! I’m a big Douglas Adams fan and always resist one of his books at some point during year. 

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