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From Detroit via New York to Berlin, Eric Cloutier seems to have made all the right city choices for his musical career to succeed. Describing himself as a “record digging psychopath” in one of the interviews with Resident Advisor, it shows that he turned his obsession into a profession while staying level-headed and keeping a healthy sense of humor. Being a resident DJ of the influential club The Bunker in New York for a long time, Eric’s Techno mixes are musical journeys through his massive collection of rare vinyls that you wished was yours. His highly polished mixing technique as well as his constant effort to refine his unique “Cloutier” sound are what sets him apart from plain crate diggers. With his newly launched label “Palinoia”, which is a Greek term for “the obsessive repetition of an act until it is perfect or mastered”, he doesn’t only set the quality standard for the releases but also shares his character strength. Furthermore, his selection of essentials seem to narrate this very well: Eric appreciates and stays loyal to the things he trusts and loves.

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1. RECORD CLEANING CLOTH (HARDWAX, BUY HERE): As someone that still drags vinyl around the globe to make people dance, a proper way to clean my little circular friends while playing is important. Fortunately Hardwax here in Berlin sells their own record cleaning cloths that work absolutely fantastic – not only are they good at keeping the grooves clean, they’re antistatic AND they can be thrown in the wash to refresh them. Best 8€ you can spend in that store for sure!

2. CONTACT LENSE SOLUTION (JAPANESE BOTTLE):  One of the perils of wearing contacts while flying and gigging is the eye fatigue from wearing them for a bit too long and smokey rooms. My little bottle of contact solution, though not filled with anything unusual, is one of the first things I make sure is full when I’m about to embark upon worldly travels, and I always keep it in my carry-on in case I need to get my peepers wet after passing out on long-haul journeys. Fun fact – this bottle pictured I purchased in Japan in 2009 when I played Labyrinth and have been carrying it with me ever since.

3. HEADPHONES (RHA, BUY HERE): A good set of earbuds are crucial for moving about the planet and surviving airports, and these RHA T20i’s are the best I’ve found. Most people fawn over noise cancellation ones but I find those mildly disorienting, but this pair, besides not only being massively comfortable for hours on end (literally, I’ve worn them for an entire 30hr journey to Australia and not been in pain), they sound glorious – I’ve discovered nuances to albums I never knew existed before because of these gems.

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