Hands Ekali 5elect5 Vancouver born and raised Ekali, aka Nathan Shaw, started his musical career playing bass in the award-winning band Said the Whale. When his solo project got selected to participate the renown Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo in 2014, a new chapter opened for him personally and musically. It didn’t take long until he was contacted by Drake’s team to sample one of his tracks he had uploaded on Soundcloud for the Canadian rapper’s mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”. Nathan doesn’t only know how to produce and remix top chart hits to add that recognizable “Ekali” flavor, a mixture of soulful catchy bass and smooth R&B, but has also figured out how to heat up the stage at small and big venues worldwide.

On the night of the photo shoot, Nathan had just flown in from his previous gig and mentioned that he has not been home in almost 3 months. What caught our attention was to see how attentive he was with all the fans that came up to him for a chat, to share demos on USB sticks, a photo or simply a hand shake. Despite the success he has gained in less than 2 years and the fast-paced life on the road, Nathan appears to have found the balance and selection of items that keeps him focused and level-headed.  His essentials are pragmatic, yet romantic in a sense of being the one constant that fuels his inspiration and energy wherever he tours and is away from home.

Essentials Ekali 5elect5

1. ADAPTER (APPLE, CHECK HERE): I always make sure to pack this adaptor when I travel internationally, that way I can charge my mac and other devices whenever.

2. EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE (WESTERN DIGITAL, CHECK HERE): I always make sure to pack this external as well. With all the traveling I do, I need to be able to work from a plane, train, hotel, or even a car.

3. CANDY (JELLY BEANS, CHECK HERE): Jelly beans are definitely my favorite candy. I try to find these wherever I can.

4. T-SHIRT (ACAPULCO GOLD, CHECK HERE): This is my favorite baseball jersey T-shirt to wear. I’m sure my fans have seen it on me a million times by now!

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