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1. WALLET (MIAMI DOLPHINS, CHECK HERE ): When I was just 8 years old I watched Miami Dolphins go to the Super Bowl only to lose to the Dallas Cowboys. It was a good game I really liked the Miami Dolphins. The next year they never lost a game and Won the Super Bowl. I was hooked and a Fan for life. Then the following year they won the Super Bowl again. Best memories of my life so I carry this Miami Dolphins wallet everywhere I go.

2. RECORD (EGYPT, EGYPT – FREAK BEAT RECORDS, BUY HERE ): My first solo record and the memories of making this record is a movie playing in my mind. One day I will make a movie for all the world to see. But this record not only changed my life but many others as well. For over 30 years I have had this same record in my crate and I bring it all around the world with me.

3. DRUM MACHINE (ROLAND, READ MORE HERE ): This machine is the foundation to Egyptian Lover Music. The 808 has a sound so unique and so pure that it’s the only drum machine I still use to this very day. My brand new album 1984 is full of 808 beats and I also bring it to my shows and rock the crowd with it. It’s a masterpiece and I absolutely love it. 

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