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1. LACROSSE BALL (NO BRAND): This is a crucial piece of travel gear which takes up very little room – I simply stuff it in my Nike gym shoes! I roll it under my feet before and after each gig to alleviate muscle tension and also use it to relieve the serious knots in areas of my upper back and shoulders which stem from extensive hunching over a laptop or DJ booth as well as the relentless air travel.

2. SUPPLEMENTS ( MAPI – BLISSFULL SLEEP, CHECK HERE ): I’ve pretty much tried every sleep aid you can name but the one that has consistently worked for me is Blissful Sleep which I picked up on my first visit to The Raj, the Ayurveda clinic I go to nearly every year. This is an authentic Maharishi Ayurvedic product which is a natural herbal aid that promotes sleep and reduces stress with none of the side effects you’d encounter from melatonin, Sonata or Ambien. For something stronger you can also go for Deep Rest.

3. TEA (MAPI – ORGANIC VATA TEA, CHECK HERE ): Another Maharishi Ayurveda product, this helps to alleviate Vata imbalances using spices like cardamom, ginger and licorice, all equally promoting good digestive functions which are vital for overall good health.

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