5elect5 Essentials DJ Spit DJ Producer

Berlin-based producer, DJ and photographer DJ Spit shares his essentials and gives us a rare peek into his life full of passion for aesthetics, style and professionalism.

DJ Spit draws inspiration from seemingly all electronic music genres. His record collection knows no music genre boundaries and includes everything from ghetto house, classic electro to techno. There is a reason why the artist describes his music as “nasty n groovy”. He has a talent to find tracks that are hard to categorize and mix together but in his opinion that is what makes them so interesting and joyful to play.

The love for the unexpected, however, needs practice, preparation and dedication to the craft and profession. His selection of essentials reveal that DJ Spit is not only a tastemaker but also a hard working creative with a clear style and outlook on his impact in music and photography.


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5elect5 Essentials DJ Spit DJ Producer

1. JEWELLERY (OWN COLLECTION)You basically won’t see me without any of my jewellery. Nike Ring, two signet rings, my silver grill plus a very special bangle which has a big personal value for me.

2. NEEDLES (ORTOFON, CHECK HERE): After a long search for the right club needles, i finally bought the Ortofon Concorde MKII Scratch Twin Set. Highly recommended by my man Hector Oaks as well and he knows what’s good. Never go in a club without your own needles!

3. CONTACT LENSES (NO BRAND): I am basically half blind and wearing my glasses in a club doesn’t work for me. For that reason I constantly need to carry a spare pair of contacts with me.

4. SNEAKERS (NIKE, CHECK HERE): OG Shox TL, once Nike, always Nike. I mean its true look at my feet. .

5. SKIN CARE (SEBA MED, CHECK HERE): Due to the fact that my dad works for Seba Med, I literally got every product of them and I have to say: Its the best! If you haven’t checked it out yet, do it

6. CAMERA (CANON, VINTAGE): If I don’t play music in clubs I earn my money with photography. So I am constantly travelling with different small point and shoot cameras, but this Canon AF 35mm II SureShot finds its way since years in my bag. It def has something special.



5elect5 Essentials DJ Spit DJ Producer