5elect5 Essentials Fett Burger DJ Producer Illustrator

Berlin-based Norwegian DJ, producer and artist DJ Fett Burger shares his fun cosmic collection of essentials.

One of the key figures in the Norwegian music scene, DJ Fett Burger is known for unpredictable creative collaborations. Releasing music under various aliases like DJ Dog, PE, F.Burger and Fett Birger, the real Fett Burger is a mysterious character like his icon “the Burger Man” (see drawing below) and posts filled with emojis and “Action Shadows”.

Back in 2004, he co-founded the label Sex Tags Mania with his brother (DJ Sotofett) in their hometown Moss in Norway. The Sex Tags empire expanded quickly when the sub-labels Sex Tags Amfibia and Sex Tags UFO (which is run by Fett Burger alone) were founded to cover the new territories of genres outside house and techno. “Sex Tags” has grown to something more than just a record label. From the series of cover art, event flyers to posters – across all media every piece is well designed and executed just like the music he releases.

The selection of his essentials seem to be an instruction to “how to be a Fett Burger”. Only dedicate time and energy to the things you enjoy.

For updates and new clues look out for the next “Action Shadow” and follow his code:

🍔🍔👀👀😎🍔🍔🤩🌈 🌈🌈🌈🍀🍀🌼🌼👽👽👽👀 👀🤡🤡🌈🎹⚡️🍔🍀🌴😎👽

Follow DJ Fett Burger here:

Instagram: @djfettburger
Drawings: @fettburgerdrawings
Soundcloud: @djfettburger
Mix Series: @Trushmix
Facebook: @djfettburgerlikerburger



5elect5 Essentials Fett Burger DJ Producer Illustrator

1. DRAWING BOOKI love drawing, it’s the best!

2. OBNOXIOUS CARTOON MAGAZINE: I read this magazine every time I travel,
to keep me inspired, and then I know everything is possible.

3. ORGONITE: Takes away bad energy, and sends out good energy, this for maximum good and positive vibes.

4. GREEN ALIEN: Keeps me on the right track.

5. CONDOMS: Life is just a party, and the party has to last!



5elect5 Essentials Fett Burger DJ Producer Illustrator