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1. PETIT COMPENDIUM (NO BRAND): I spend creative days in computer screens, but know full well that’s not where the music happens. So on occasion when I need electrical grounding out comes my Petite. I’ll punch physical holes into a card and let it loose; it’s a truth teller.

2. DESKTOP COMPASS (VINTAGE): To my off-hand right is this memento mori. I like to keep it in my peripheral no matter where in the studio. It serves no musical purpose, and never changes it’s dogged question for North. I adore that, and would follow it to the ends of the Earth if it ever asked.

3. DELAYDELUS (DAEDLUS AND BLEEPLAB, BUY HERE): An invention of Bleeplab and myself. A sampler/delay instrument that is equal parts serious noise and silly pitched airhorns. I’ve been putting out albums for the past 15 years – all too often flat things that require very little interaction, you need only press play and they’ll do the rest, but the Delaydelus begs to be played with. It is my greatest invention thus far.

4. TANUKI AND KAPPA WOODEN FRIENDS (VISIT JAPAN): Some serious vintage on their patina, I don’t recall how these two came into my life, but now they’ve been through it all. I feel better composing for an audience then just offering up ditties into the void and these two’s ears have been there for all my albums including this Labyrinths. Totem or juju or in the most classical sense.

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